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Families today see less and less of each other. And so, we ask you to turn off the TV and pull up a chair and enjoy the playful and provocative setting of Chatter Matters, you will be treated to conversation, competition and laughter. Because, as we all know, Chatter does Matter!


  • Game board
  • 112-Sided Pie
  • 6 House Movers & 6 Chip Houses
  • 90 Chips
  • 218 Playing Cards: 55 My Room
  • 55 Games Room
  • 54 Living Room
  • 54 Kitchen
  • 6 Wish Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Get to know the other players in your family better and be the first player to fill up your Chip House with 15 chips and get your wish!

Note: The primary object of the game is to foster fun and communication. We encourage you to discuss your answers. We also know that every family is unique.

Some of these cards may not apply to your own family, so we invite you to re-arrange, alter them or pick another card. Enjoy, and may your wish be granted by your family!


  1. Get scratch paper and pencils for each player.

  2. Place the Game board in the middle of the playing area.

  3. Arrange the Playing Cards by color and place them on the matching rooms in the center of the board: My Room, Games Room, Family Room and Kitchen.

  4. Each player selects a House Mover and a matching Chip House.

  5. All players get a Wish Card, the same color as their House Mover. Read the options on the double-sided card and secretly make a wish either by remembering it or writing it down, you can also write your own. your wish will be granted by your family if you're the winner, the first player to "Fill Up your House!"

  6. Designate a Banker to hand out chips as directed. The Banker starts the game by placing 2 chips on the "Chores/Allowance" corner. The Banker should make sure there are always at least 2 chips on this corner.

  7. The Banker should also give each player 2 chips to put in their Chip House.

Game Play

Place the House Movers on the corner that says "Start". The youngest player rolls first. Play always passes to the left.

Move your House Mover clockwise the number of spaces indicated on the die. Draw a card the same color as the space you land on. Follow directions on the Command spaces like "Go to Time Out" or "Go to Chores".

If you land on a corner:

  • The Start corner enables you to pick a Green/games card.

  • The Pick Any corner allows you to Pick Any color card.

  • The Time Out corner earns you a moment alone. If you land on Time Out by an exact count of the die, you are "just passing" and you can play a Purple/Living room card.

    However, if you are sent to Time Out either by a Kitchen card or by landing on a space on the Game board, you do not pick a card.

  • The Chores/Allowance corner earns you the chips on that corner. The Danker should make sure there are always at least 2 chips on this corner.

    If you land on this corner by exact count of the die or are directed there by a space on the Game board, collect your allowance and pick a flue/My room card.

    However, if you are sent to the Chores/Allowance corner by an Orange/Kitchen card, you only follow the directions on that card.

Each card asks a question or gives instructions for an activity. Follow the instructions on the card. The card may prompt you to say "why" or "explain" an answer. This is meant to foster conversation only; your discussion does not factor into scoring chips.

All scored chips come from the Danker unless otherwise specified on the card. If you lose chips, discard them on the Chores/Allowance Corner unless otherwise specified on the card.

If a player picks a question to which he doesn't know the answer, he does not score chips for that card. However, ask the other players if they know the answer and feel free to discuss it. Remember this game is about having fun and learning about your family!

If a player draws a card that does not apply to himself or the other players, return it to the bottom of the pile and draw another card.

Play passes to the left as players take turns rolling the die and playing out the cards until someone earns 15 chips - a full house - and wins. The rest of the players grant his wish.

Categories in the House

  • My Room (Blue Cards)

    Personal trivia about the player whose turn it is.

    These questions are about "you" because it is "your" room. Follow gameplay and scoring instructions on each card.

  • Family Room (Purple Cards)

    Family Trivia.

    The player whose turn it is, answers the question about him or his family. Other players assess the accuracy of the answers. Follow gameplay and scoring instructions on each card.

  • Kitchen (Orange Cards)

    What's Cooking? Command cards and conversation starters for the home.

    If you draw an Orange card from the Kitchen, follow its direction, and play out the "Conversation Starter".

  • Games Room (Green Cards)

    Games within the game.

    1. Poodles: Secretly choose 1 of the 3 items to draw. The doodler ANP the first player to identify the doodle score 1 chip each.

    2. Home Movies: Secretly choose 1 of the 3 "Movies" to act out like Charades. The actor ANP the first person to guess the action score 1 chip each.

    3. Scavenger Hunt: First, pick even teams. The first team to get the item wins. Each player on the winning team scores 1 chip. This category is about teamwork.

      For example, if the hunt calls for "Something given to me by a family member", all team members should go on the Scavenger Hunt and look for an item given to any one of them.

      Each team member should hunt for an item that relates to himself. The hunt begins once a player says "Go!"

    4. Verbal blitz: First, pick even teams. Choose 1 of the 3 topics. When you're ready to start, read the topic out loud and go!

      Team members and teams go back and forth taking turns quickly shouting out what comes to mind in the given topic. When a team can't immediately think of a new item, the other team scores 1 chip each.



All scored chips come from the banker unless otherwise specified on the card. If you lose chips, discard them onto the Chores/Allowance Corner unless otherwise specified on the card.

If your turn calls for you to hand out chips but you've run out of chips to give, take some from the bank, and give them to the other players.


When you match with more than one player for those cards with listed answers (e.g. Everyone Lists 3), the turn player may score a maximum of 3 chips per turn.

If you match with more than 3 players, you still only score a maximum of 3 chips. The other players' score chips for each answer matched with you.

Chip Limits

Except for those few special Family Room and Kitchen cards where you get a chip from each player, the most one player can score in any turn is 3 chips.

End of the Game

The first player to fill their Chip House by collecting 15 chips wins the game and gets his wish!

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