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Counterfeit Ovoid

There are two Ovoids instead of one, so not only will you have to find the Ovoid, you'll have to figure out whether it's a counterfeit!

Discovering the True Ovoid: The Cipher card reveals which Ovoid is real. The other Ovoid is worthless.

Setup: When preparing the Cosmic Pool, deal 8 cards instead of 6. Then randomly add one of the two Cipher cards to the deck, placing the other in the game box without looking at it. Add the Dark Ovoid to the deck, and re-shuffle before dealing envelopes.

Winning the Game: When the Chaos Clock reaches zero, whoever has the true Ovoid in their hand is the winner.

King of the Cosmos

In an era before the true value of the Ovoid was recognized, the Barren Planet was discovered to be rich in hyper-ore. Rival aliens vie for control of this valuable resource.

Objective: Have the most hyper-ore points at the end of the game. You score points for mining the barren planet and revealing the Ovoid during the game, and at the end of the game you score bonus points for your landing flags, remaining hypertokens, and if you have the Ovoid.

Setup: Place the Barren Planet in the center of the board and each player's home planet in a corner. Place the other planets randomly around the Barren Planet.

Place two asteroid fields on opposite edges of the Barren Planet. You must play with the Landing Flags advanced rule.

Mining the Barren Planet: While in control of the Barren Planet, you may mine ore once per turn. Spend an action to gain one hyper-ore, or three actions to gain two hyper-ore. Use chaos tokens to represent the hyper-ore.

Revealing the Ovoid: If you have the Ovoid, once per turn you may spend an action and reveal it from your hand to gain one hyper-ore.

Trading the Ovoid: The Ovoid is a sought after commodity, so you gain three hyper-ore if you trade it to the Cosmic Pool.

Stealing Ore in Combat: When you win in combat, you may choose to steal one hyper-ore from the loser instead of taking spoils or banishing them. If your Base wins in combat, you may choose to steal one ore from the loser instead of banishing them.

End Game Scoring: When the Chaos Clock reaches zero, score 1 point for each hyper-ore you have, and then add the following bonuses:

  • 5 points if you have the Ovoid in your hand (or no one's hand as Vlachlos)
  • 1 point for each of your landing flags on the board
  • 1 point for each unused hypertoken

Winning the Game: The player with the most points after scoring is the winner. If there's a tie, the player with the Ovoid wins.

Capture the Ovoid (2 Players)

Each player starts with an Ovoid, and you win by getting both Ovoids to your home planet or by having your opponent's Ovoid at the end.

Setup: Use the 2 player board setup, but place your two home planets on opposite ends of the board and do not use any wormholes. (For a more challenging game, play aliens who need the same Enviro Gear).

Play with the Dark Ovoid, putting one Ovoid in each player's home envelope as their first card. Play with 7 cards in the Cosmic Pool. Start the Chaos Clock at 30.

Hypertokens: Hypertokens only allow you to travel up to three spaces.

Winning the Game: You win the game if you either:

  • Spend an action and reveal both the Ovoid and the Dark Ovoid while in control of your home planet.

  • Have your opponent's Ovoid in your hand when the Chaos Clock reaches zero. (If you each have the other's Ovoid, you tie. If neither of you has the other's Ovoid, you both lose).

Tag Team (4 Players)

Players select a partner and hunt for the Ovoid as a team.

Setup: Sit across from your teammate so your opponents are on either side of you. Start the Chaos Clock at 36.

Public Information: All discussion during the game must be done openly.

Secret Meeting: When the Chaos Clock reaches 24, teams meet and strategize for up to 3 minutes. This is your only chance to talk in secret.

Trade with Teammate: While on the same space as your teammate, you may spend an action to trade with them. When trading, you may look at each other's hands and trade any number of cards.

Allying in Combat: When combat begins, other players within attack range can choose to ally with their teammate. Allies do not roll combat dice, but may play cards on their teammate's side.

Lone players get a berserker roll: If a two-on-one combat occurs, the lone player rolls combat dice twice, and adds the second roll to their total. (If they roll infinity on the berserker roll, count it as a 10).

Combat Resolution: When winning against a team, you may choose only one player to take spoils from or to banish. The spoils always goes to the original combat participant, not to an ally.

Winning the Game: When the Chaos Clock reaches zero, your team wins if either player on your team has the Ovoid in their hand. (If Vlachlos is on your team, you win if nobody has the Ovoid or if the non-Vlachlos player has the Ovoid).

Time Crunch

Time itself is in flux! The Biocosm is collapsing at an ever-changing rate, and it's up to you to influence the flow of time to your advantage.

Click the Clock to Save Actions: You may spend actions to click the Chaos Clock down. Reduce the clock by one for each action spent in this way. (Remember to also click when you end your turn). At the end of your turn, if you did not spend any saved actions, gain a chaos token for each action you spent clicking the clock (up to a maximum of three).

Spending Saved Actions: Spend chaos tokens on any of your turns to gain one action for each token spent. You may hold a maximum of three chaos tokens.

Reversing Time: The Temporal Displacer may be used to move the Chaos Clock forward or backward!

Master of Eternity

Master of Eternity is a multi-game campaign played with the same group over several sessions.

Setup: Players select one alien to play for the duration of the campaign.

Winning a Game: When you win your first game, take your alien upgrade tile. For the rest of the campaign, you gain the first ability on that tile. When you win your second game, you gain the second ability in addition to the first.

Winning the Campaign: The first player to win their third game becomes Master of Eternity and wins the campaign.

Switching Aliens: If you haven't won a game yet, you may select another alien to try each game. Once you win a game, you're locked into playing that alien for the rest of the campaign.

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