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The solo game is played according to the rules for 2 to 7 players with the following exceptions:

In the Work phase, place one Dwarf after another. There are no opponents that you have to wait for. The goal of the solo game is to get the highest score you can. Try to beat the "magical score" of 100 points. You start the game with 2 Food.

Use the game boards for the 2-player game and cover some of the Action spaces with Overview cards as indicated in the following illustration.

Place the Action space cards face-down on the empty spaces of the game board as indicated by the following table:

1 Blacksmithing4 Wish for children7 Ore delivery10 Ore trading
2 Sheep farming5 Donkey farming8 Family life11 Adventure
3 Ore mine construction6 Ruby mine construction9 -12 Ruby delivery

Use a Dwarf card to cover the "Wish for children" Action space card. At the beginning of round 4, remove the Dwarf card from the game. Make sure the Action space card shows "Wish for children".

There are no Harvest events in the solo game. From round 5 on, there is a harvest at the end of every round.

In Comparison With The 2-player Game

As in the 2-player game, the "Exploration" Action space card has to be removed from the game and round 9 will be skipped.

You can cover Round space 9 with a Dwarf card to indicate this. Unlike the 2-player game, Rubies will accumulate on the "Ruby mining" Action space from round 1 on.

Refilling The Accumulating Spaces

Before refilling the accumulating spaces, check if there are any spaces with more than 6 goods. Remove all the goods from all of the spaces where this is the case and return them to the general supply.

For each Ruby you spend, you can prevent this from happening for one of these spaces. The goods on the accumulating spaces that you paid a Ruby for will be safe for another round.

This way an accumulating space may accumulate more than 6 goods.

Other than that, there are no further changes to the rules.

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