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  • 30 Wooden Ladders (including 3 Straight Ladders)
  • 7 Wooden Moon Tears /1 Wooden Die
  • 1 Plastic Base
  • 1 Rulebook


Place the base in the center of the table.

Insert two straight ladders in the base, in any configuration you see fit. (These ladders form the basis of the structure that will gradually rise over the course of the game).

Place the other ladders in the box lid. Choose the first player.

Game Play

Starting with the first player and going in a clockwise order, players take turns placing a ladder on the existing structure.

On his turn, the player rolls the die in the box and takes a ladder at random from the box lid. Using only one hand, he must place the ladder on the structure, according to the die result:

Place the ladder so that it is touching only one other ladder;

Place the ladder so that it is touching exactly two other ladders;

Place the ladder so that its tip becomes the highest point of the structure. The ladder must be touching at least one other ladder, but no more than two.

Once the ladder has been placed, the next player takes his turn.

A Delicate Balance

As the player places his ladder, the other ladders in the structure may move.

As long as no ladder touches the table or the base, and as long as the player does not let go of his ladder, he can move it to try out different placements. However, once he lets go of it, the ladder can no longer be moved.

The Seven Tears of the Moon

The Moon, saddened by the clumsiness of the dreamers, sheds a tear for each of their mistakes.

A player must collect a tear if:

  • he fails to place his ladder according to the die result;

  • one or several ladders fall or touch the table or the base. As soon as this happens, these ladders are removed from the game if at all possible (they will not be used for the rest of the game).

    The player's turn ends immediately. If the player had not yet placed his ladder, it is also removed from the game. The straight ladders used during setup are never removed.

Then the next player takes his turn. As long as the next player has not rolled the die, the last player to play is responsible for any ladder that falls or touches the table or the base.

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as a player places the last ladder or collects the last tear. The player who collects the last tear is eliminated and the player with the least tears wins.

In case of a tie, and if there are any ladders left, the tied players continue playing using only the "moon" die result: each player who makes a mistake is eliminated, and the only remaining player wins. If there are no ladders left, the tied players share the victory.

In a two-player game, the first player to collect three tears is eliminated; the other player wins.

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