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Once you've become familiar with the base game, you can play with powers. At the beginning of the game, deal a Power card face-up to each player. Powers remain active during all the game.

Go around the table so that each player can explain their power.

The Collector

This power is considered to be a painting. It is added to your collection at the end of the game.

The Cunning

This player is allowed to change his Bullet card at the end of the hold-up (step 3).

Note: They will do so after "The Kid" has used their power.

The Cute

If present for the Loot split, before it begins, this player takes a $5 000 bill if possible. If there is no $5 000 bill, this power has no effect that turn.

The Dictator

Once per Loot share, if you are present, you can forbid another player from taking a specific type of loot as they're about to take it (Bill, Diamond, Painting, First aid kit, Clip, or New Godfather).

Notes: It's possible, but rare, that the target player may not be able to take anything. Your power has no effect on "The Cute" and "The Stealthy". If you use your power on "The Greedy", your power applies to both shares.

The Doctor

When this player lays down, this player will remove one wound.

The Good Friend

When a player uses a Clip, you also get to regain a Bang! card.

The Greedy

During a split, the first time the player takes their share, they can take 2 Loot at once. In this situation, the player gives up on the rest of the loot.

Note: If "The Dictator" uses their power as you're about to take 2 shares at once, then their power gets applied to both.

The Hustler

At the beginning of each turn (the Loot step), this player randomly draws a Bullet card from the hand of another player and hands them one of their own in exchange.

Junk Dealer

Once per Loot share, if you are present, this player can trade their share of the loot with a share taken randomly from one of the other piles.

The Kid

This player chooses a target after all the other players during the hold-up (step 3).

The Lucky Man

If you take more than one wound during a turn, you take none instead. As you aren't wounded, you can take part in the Loot split.

The Professional

If your target lays down in a turn in which you've played a Bang! and you're not layed down, reveal your Bang!, then steal one of their Loot cards. If your target has no Loot cards, this power has no effect this turn.

The Smart

If this player's target lays down, this player takes back their Bullet card and discards one of their choice instead.

The Stealthy

When this players lays down, they immediately take a $10 000 bill from the middle of the table. If there are no $10 000 bills, then this power has no effect this turn.


The player is eliminated on their 5th wound, and not on their 3rd.

The Vulture

When a player is eliminated, you can randomly take 2 of their Loot cards.

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