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Every personality tile shows two different powers (common rules on the yellow side and variants on the red side).

For your initial game, we recommend that you use the yellow side. In future games, the players may choose which personalities will be played during the game (either randomly chosen or decided by the players).

The Sheriff

The player helped by the sheriff gets the special "sheriff " cowboy from the general reserve (white cowboy). This allows him to select one action without fear of being attacked (no one challenges the sheriff to a duel). Therefore, the white cowboy must not be placed to attack a building or to challenge someone into a duel (it must be played on a cowboy-free square). Cash limit: $20.

Variant: You are not allowed to attack any building or engage in a duel (except to defend yourself). For every lost duel, you receive 3 victory points. Cash limit: $20.

The Banker

When you choose the banker, you immediately receive $9. The cash limit is particularly high: $120.

Variant: Before the end of the turn, you may purchase 3, 5, or 7 victory points for $3, $12 or $25, respectively. Cash limit: $60.

The Grocer

The grocer allows you to:

  • Either double the income for one particular building type (for example, all your banks) during the estate income phase. If a building with double income is attacked, then you and the attacker receive normal income.

  • Or receive $8 (immediately or during estate in- come phase). Cash limit: $60. Variant: You receive either $8 immediately or 1 victory point per house you own at the end of the turn (except ranches, hotels, and churches). Cash limit: $60.

The Chinese Coolie

When you choose the Chinese coolie, you immediately receive two roads. In addition, the price of any building is halved (rounded up). Cash limit: $30.

Variant: you pay $5 and take one of the available buildings. You may build it immediately, or keep it to build it later. The remaining buildings are im- mediately shifted towards lower prices, and a new building is drawn from the bag. Cash limit: $30.

The Settler

The settler immediately gives you a parcel (it must be an owner-free parcel at the moment you take it). Cash limit: $30.

Variant: You receive either $8 immediately, or you receive $1 per mountain you own at the end of the turn. Cash limit: $20.

The Captain

The player helped by the captain may pay $1 to get one extra cowboy from the general reserve, or $4 to get two extra cowboys from the general reserve, or $9 to get three extra cow- boys from the general reserve. Cash limit: $25.

Variant: You pay either $3 to receive a revolver tile, or $9 to receive two revolver tiles. You keep these revolver tiles until the end of the game. Cash limit: $20.

The Mercenary

During this turn, the player helped by the mercenary has 3 extra firepower points. Cash limit: $20.

Variant: The mercenary gives 2 extra firepower points during this turn. Cash limit: $30.

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