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Your little mice are enjoying their cheese. But watch out! If the cat finds out, they'll have to scamper off in a hurry. Who will be faster? The cheese-hungry mice, or Carla the cat?


  • 6 mice
  • 1 cat cup
  • 1 piece of cheese made of felt
  • 1 die
  • 24 mice cards
  • Instructions


Place the cheese in the middle of the table well within everybody's reach. Each player receives a mouse and four mice cards, and lays them down in front of him on the table. The youngest player also receives the cat cup and the die.

This round, he plays the cat. All the other players place their mice on the cheese, holding onto them by the tail, so that they can pull them away quickly.

Game Play

The player with the cat begins the game by throwing the die.

If you roll a cat, you get to catch mice: In one try, try to catch as many mice as you can with the cat cup.

Note: The cat cup has to land on the cheese! All the other players have to pull their mice from the cheese as fast as they can.

If you succeeded in catching one or more mice, you receive mice cards. Each player, whose mouse was caught, has to give you a mice card. Then, the players with the mice place their mice back on the cheese.

You remain the cat player for another round. Roll the die again and try to catch more mice. If you caught a mouse by mistake (even though you didn't roll a cat), you have to forfeit one of your mice cards, and place it back into the game box.

If you weren't able to catch any mice, even though you rolled a cat, you become a mouse. Give the cat cup and the die to the player on your left.

Now you play a mouse, and he tries to catch mice with the cat cup. All players with mice place their mice on the cheese. Play then continues as described above.

If you roll a mouse, the mice get to nibble at their cheese and nothing happens. You can't catch any mice with the cat cup and the players with the mice can't pull them off the cheese. If a player pulls his mouse from the cheese, he forfeits a mice card and puts it back into the game box. Now, roll the die again.

End of the Game

The game is over as soon as a player has no more mice cards. Whoever has the most mice cards, wins the game. In the event of a tie, all players with the most cards win the game.

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