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Recruit a quirky crew of Thieves and equip them with colorful Gear to steal from famous places across Europe! Prove yourself as the best Thief in Caper.


  • 3 Location Mats
  • 1 Caper Catalogue
  • 1 Score board & Round tracker
  • 23 Location Cards
  • 24 Thief Cards
  • 48 Gear Cards
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 4 Wooden Cubes
  • 10 Coins
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Caper, players build a crew of Thieves by playing Thief and Gear cards. The game plays across six rounds with each

round alternating between placing Thieves and placing Gear. On a Thief Round, players place different Thieves at the Locations being used for that game.

On a Gear Round, players place Gear cards onto their Thieves to increase their influence at a particular Location. After playing a card, players will swap hands - so think twice about letting your opponent have that one card.

The crew with the most Capers at a Location will win the steal there and gain its Reward. Some Thieves and Gear also have special Abilities that can help each player obtain Points.

Players can also collect different types of Stolen Goods providing Points at the end of the game. Finally, the player whose crew scores the most Points will be the winner.


Choose the City. You'll find City icons in the lower left corner of Thieves, Gear, and Location cards. Choose one City among the three available: Paris, Rome, or London.

Return the cards from the other Cities to the box. These will not be used in the current game. Below is a primer for each City-the more *'s a City has, the more advanced its gameplay.

If this is your fi rst game, we recommend playing in Paris.

  • Paris: With so much lovely art around, Stolen Goods are sure to be plentiful

  • Rome: With its historic crime scene, more Capers are bound to happen

  • London: With its world economy, run down your opponent's Coin supply

Prepare the 3 Decks. Incorporate a City's cards into each corresponding deck: Locations, Thieves, and Gear. Shuffle each deck separately and place them on the table.

Determine the 3 Locations. Place the 3 Location Mats out horizontally between players, leaving some space between each Mat. If you would like a player aid, use the pink side of the Mats-otherwise, use the wood sides.

Reveal a card from the Locations deck horizontally onto each Mat. Players will place Thieves and Gear cards on their side of these Locations during the game.

These Locations set the tone for the game as their Rewards will be one of the main ways players score Points.

Reference Cards to the box. Place the Round Tracker next to the Location Mats and place a wooden cube on the top Thief Round slot. Create the Coin Supply by placing the 10 Coins next to the Round Tracker.

Game Play

Round Structure:

Caper is played over six rounds. There are two different types of rounds: Thief Rounds and Gear Rounds.

The current round is tracked by the wooden cube on the Round Tracker. Players are dealt the shown number of cards from the deck matching its Round Type. These cards will be played during the round.

Starting a Round

Begin each round by dealing the number of cards shown on the Round Tracker to each player from its matching deck. These cards form each player's starting hand for the round.

If the color of the Round Tracker matches the top of your Mastermind card, then you will be the First Player during that round.

For example, the first round of the game is a Thief Round, so each player receives 4 cards from the Thieves deck.

The player with the Cream Mastermind card will be the First Player.

Playing a Round

During a round, the First Player will take a turn by placing a card from their hand face-up on their side at a Location, then the other player will do the same.

Once both players have played a card from their hands, players swap their entire hand of cards. After swapping hands, the First Player begins a new turn and the process is repeated.

Thief Round

A Thief card must be placed at one of the three Locations next to its Location Mat. Thieves cannot be placed on top of other Thief or Gear cards.

A Thief can be placed next to another Thief at a Location, but a Location cannot hold more than 3 Thief cards. If a Thief has an Income at the bottom of its card, the player collects that amount of Coins from the Supply when the Thief is played.

Gear Round

A Gear card can be played or discarded. If played, place it below a Thief card or on top of another Gear card below a Thief-leaving the other card icons and colors visible

below it. A Thief card cannot have more than 3 Gear cards on it. Instead of playing a Gear card, a player can discard it to gain from the Supply. Some Gear cards have a Cost in the top left area. In order to play it, a player must pay that amount of Coins to the Supply. If a player does not have

enough, they cannot play that card, but they can still discard it to gain a Coin.

Icon Abilities

There are a number of icons in Caper, but you'll pick up each one in no time. These main icons will help in understanding how they apply to the cards and gameplay.

Capers: The player with the most at a Location will score its Reward

Coins: For buying fancy Gear.

Flip an opponent's topmost card.

Stolen Goods: There are 3 different types that score Points through sets

Points: The most wins the game

A card is protected from being flipped

Sometimes you'll find icons on top of card icons. This means you apply that icon for each card set of that color. For example, here you'll receive a for each of your sets containing a Yellow and Purple card at this Location.

Important: Map Marker icons on cards notify you whether to count . Your cards at that Location or .

Your opponent's cards at that Location. Remember these Map Markers refer to the cards at that Location-not just the cards on a single Thief.

Get Fully Equipped: A Thief receives a bonus if it has 3 Gear cards on it.

Most cards provide their benefits at the end of the game, but icons that give Coins or flip cards trigger when played. Don't forget some Locations have Modifiers that can affect cards played there.

Card Colors

The colors of cards plays an important role in Caper as they often relate to icons for card sets or scoring Points. Thief cards are all Cream colored. Gear cards come in many different colors with certain focuses around each color:

Flipping Cards

Only the topmost card on a Thief can be flipped-the one most recently played. If the topmost card on a Thief is flipped, you cannot flip a card below it.

You can still place cards on a flipped Thief or Gear cards following usual limitations. Flipped cards lose all their abilities, but do not affect the bonus Caper- it can still be earned.

A flipped Thief still counts as a Thief card towards sets. A flipped Gear card still counts as a gear card towards sets, but loses its specific color.

End of the Round

When each player has two cards left in their hand, players will take their last turn of the round. When a player is left with a single card in their hand, they will discard it.

The player does not receive when discarding this last card in their hand. When both players have no cards in their hands, the round ends. Move the wooden cube to the next slot down on the Round Tracker and begin a new round.

Note: Players start Round 5 with only 2 Thief cards, so it is both their first and last turn of that Round.

Discard Area: Discard Area: Players discard their cards near their Reference Card horizontally and face up, so as to not confuse them with cards in play.

Thief cards are discarded to the left of the Reference and Gear cards to the right. Certain cards can bring cards back from your Discard Area, which is considered public information.

Horizontal placed discard piles next to
the mint green Mastermind card

End of the Game

After the final Gear Round, the game ends. Determine who won each Location by counting the number of each player has at a Location.

Don't forget any bonus from Thieves with 3 Gear cards. The player with the most at a Location wins that Location.

To indicate this, turn the Location so its Rewards read right-side-up to its winner. If there is a tie for Capers, neither player wins that Location and it is not turned.

Turn Location cards
toward their winner


Using the Score board and wooden cubes, score each category in order:

  1. Score Points from Location Rewards
  2. Score Points awarded from Thief cards
  3. Score Points awarded from Gear cards
  4. Score Points for sets of unique Stolen Goods

Scoring Stolen Goods

There are 3 different types:

  • A Jewel
  • An Antique
  • A Painting
  • Wild (Can be any type)

Each player forms sets with their Stolen Goods received across all Locations. A set can contain 1, 2, or 3 Stolen Goods. If a set has more than one Stolen Good, then each Stolen Good in that set must be different.

The Winner

After scoring each of these rows, total up all of a player's Points. The player with the most is the winner of Caper!

In case of a tie, the player with the highest number of wins. If there is still a tie, the Cream Mastermind wins.

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