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In this game mode, you will try to score the highest score possible while playing with an automated player.

At the end of the game, compare your score to the results below to determine your level of success. The automated player will not score.

Follow the normal rules with these exceptions:

You take the first turn. On the automated player's turn, take the automated player's Inspiration Tokens in hand, shake them, and drop them. The number of face-up tokens is how many the automated player will spend on an Art Card.

The maximum the automated player can spend is 4 tokens. If no tokens are face-up, the automated player selects the leftmost card. Set the selected Art Card off to the side and place one of the automated player's tokens on each of the Art Cards to its left.

The automated player will never Complete a Painting.

On the automated player's turn, Abby shakes and tosses the automated player's 4 Inspiration Tokens. Only 1 token is face-up.

The face-up token is placed on the first Art Card and the automated player takes the second card along with the Inspiration token on it.

Solo Scoring

  • Best In Show (40+ Points)

  • Runner-Up (35-39 Points)

  • Honorable Mention (30-34 Points)

  • Emerging Artist (25-29 Points)

  • Participation Award (0-24 Points)

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