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While the core rules of Call to Adventure focus on competitive multiplayer, it is also designed for solo and cooperative play!


Preparing a Solo or Co-Op game follows typical game rules (see pages 2-3), with the following exceptions:

  • Choose One Adversary: Set aside all Adversary cards, then randomly select one as your Adversary.

  • Begin the Adversary Quest: Choose the Adversary Quest card that matches your selected Adversary, as well as the Rise of the Adversary card.

  • Equip the Adversary: Set aside all Antihero cards marked with a icon. These form the Adversary's special deck.

  • Victory Conditions: Tuck the double-sided Victory card under the Adversary, revealing the portion of the card appropriate for 1, 2, 3, or 4 players.

Place the Adversary, Adversary Quests, and special decks across the table from you, face-up. The cards' ongoing abilities apply until the end of the game.

The Adversary's Deck

The Adversary's special deck of Antihero cards includes:

  • Cruel Betrayal
  • Dark Lord's Champion
  • Harsh Lesson
  • Instill Fear
  • Tap into Darkness
  • Sabotage

At the end of each turn, discard the revealed Antihero card. When the special deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discarded cards and start a new deck.

Playing the Adversary's Cards

Whenever you cast the core runes and get a result of :

  1. Draw a Hero or Antihero card for yourself, as usual.

  2. Reveal the top card of the Adversary's special deck.

  3. Apply the card's effects immediately (or, if the card is meant to be played after a Challenge, apply it at that time). If the card requires a choice, the active player chooses.

  4. If the card is not relevant (such as a Cruel Betrayal when no Allies are in play), ignore and discard it.

Defeating the Adversary

The Adversary wins when they reach their Experience goal, indicated on the Victory Conditions card: for a Solo game, + for each additional player.

In a Co-Op game, whenever you play a Hero or Antihero card with "you" as the target, you may choose "any player" as the target.

You may not attempt the Adversary challenge until your last turn. Once any player has gained eight Story cards, their last turn must be spent facing the Adversary. Once defeated, tuck the Adversary under your Destiny card.

In a Co-Op game, when one player defeats the Adversary, each player may take one final turn. All players win if the Adversary is defeated, but the player with the highest Destiny is the ultimate winner!

Rune Probability

Because Call to Adventure's rune system is so unique, it can be helpful to understand the probabilities involved. Here's a look at the minimum, average, and maximum values for common combinations of core runes plus Ability/Dark runes:

Every additional Ability rune or Dark rune adds an average of +1.5 to your attempt.

Every Special rune (the third Rune in each Ability set) adds an average of +1 to your attempt.

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