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Q: If I gain an Ability rune, do I keep another player from gaining it?

A: No. Your character's available Ability runes are defined by the visible icons in your character tableau. On your turn, when facing a challenge, you have access to any of the rune stones that correspond to your Ability icons, and are relevant to the challenge. Players share the rune stones, taking turns using them.

Q: Am I allowed to have more than three rune icons in one Ability?

A: Yes. While you may only cast a maximum of three runes per Ability, you are allowed to keep gaining rune icons as part of your Character tableau. For example, if your Destiny is Wise Master, gaining a fourth Wisdom rune would help you earn an additional Triumph at end of game.

Q: If I'm playing a Hero or Antihero card to help with a challenge, can I play it after the runes have been cast?

A: If a Hero or Antihero card has timing restrictions, they are specified on the card. When a card specifies its timing, here's what it means:

  • "Before you attempt a challenge" means you must play the card before you cast any runes.

  • "As you are facing a challenge" (or "as an opponent is facing a challenge") means you can play the card after casting runes, before the attempt is resolved.

Some cards specifically reference an attempted or completed challenge, and must be played after the challenge is resolved.

Q: When attempting a challenge, do I only get to add in the Ability runes of the path I'm choosing?

No, you may add in all the Ability runes listed on the left side of the challenge (usually two abilities, sometimes one).

Q: During a challenge, if I get a result of , when do I draw the Hero or Antihero card?

You may draw it immediately. If it is a card that can be played "as you are facing challenge", you may play it before the challenge is resolved.

Q: How does the Corruption track affect my Destiny score?

A: At the beginning of the game, your hero is neutral. If you gain , you move one level up the track. If you gain , you move down the track. Becoming a "tragic hero" and embracing your dark side can make your character interesting... you gain 4 Tragedy points at .

But beware... If you gain you have crossed the line into villainy, and your final score modifier is 0. Go all the way, and you'll get a penalty! These values are not cumulative; you only count your final position on the Corruption track.

Q: What happens if I gain more than three Corruption?

A: If you gain four Corruption () , you cannot gain any more, nor may you cast Dark runes (unless an Antihero card specifically allows you to do so). If you are able to remove Corruption (by gaining ), you move back to .

Q: How are new Story cards revealed during the game?

A: On your turn, when you gain a trait or overcome challenge, you add it to your Story tableau (or put the challenge in the discard pile, if you failed). Before taking any other actions, you then reveal the next card from the deck and place it face up beside that Story deck.

Q: What happens if one of the decks runs out of cards?

A: If one of the decks runs out of cards, take all discarded cards and shuffle them back into their respective decks. If all Hero or Antihero cards are played or in players' hands, no more cards of that type may be drawn.

Q: If another player has revealed Act II cards but I have less than three cards under my Origin, can I try to gain Act II cards?

A: Yes. As soon as any cards are revealed, all players have access to them. For example, if you manage to overcome an Act II challenge when you have two cards under your Origin, you would tuck that Act II challenge under your Origin, NOT under your Motivation. This can help players catch up in terms of points, but comes with a risk: challenges from a higher Act tend to be more difficult.

Q: Are played Hero and Antihero cards part of my "Story?"

A: Hero and Antihero cards are not part of your "Story". Destiny cards that count Triumph or Tragedy icons in your "Story" will not count those from your Hero or Antihero cards.

Q: When a Hero or Antihero card (or other game effect) makes me re-attempt a challenge I have just attempted, do I have to repurchase the Dark runes I have just thrown?

A: No, you do not; any Dark runes previously purchased via Experience, or extra runes or advantaged earned through previously played Hero or Antihero cards may be used in the second attempt.

Q: Can I add extra runes to that second attempt?

A: Yes! If you have Hero cards that will help you, or Experience to spend on Dark runes, you may add them to a second attempt.

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