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  • 75 double-sided picture cards
  • 300 caption cards
  • Instructions


Shuffle both decks of cards before starting your game. Choose one player to start as the judge (i.e. oldest player).

The judge deals 7 caption cards face down to each player. Players may look at their own captions, but should keep them secret from other players.

Game Play

  1. The judge takes the top picture card from the deck and places it face up in the center of the table.

    The other players (except the judge) select the funniest caption card from their hand, which they think best matches the picture card, and place it face down on the table.

    Suggestion: Arrange the picture cards so the black or white border side is always facing up, and play one color the entire game. Or you can mix up the cards and play all cards that are face down in the deck.

  2. The judge mixes up the caption cards so that no one knows who played which card. Then one at a time, the judge flips the caption cards over, reads them aloud, and places them face up next to the picture card.

  3. After reading all of the cards, the judge chooses the caption card which he/she feels is the funniest caption for the picture. It's completely up to the judge to decide!

  4. The player who placed the winning caption card is declared the winner of the round and keeps the picture card.

  5. The winner places the picture card face up in front of him/her. This should be the start of a huge collection!

    All played caption cards are placed into the discard pile.

    The caption cards still in the player's hands at the end of each round are not discarded.

  6. The role of the judge is then passed to the person on the left.

    The new judge deals out a caption card to players who only have 6 cards, so all players always hold 7 caption cards. Now, a new round begins!

    Note: If you run out of caption cards in the deck, please reshuffle the discard pile.

End of the Game

The first player to earn 5 picture cards wins!

Game Play Suggestions

When it is your turn to be the judge, you have the power to decide if you want to play the game by the rules, or if you want to change it up for your round!

Here are some fun ways to make your game more interesting!

Make your Own Caption:

Each player must write their own caption for the picture card. The judge's choice of best caption wins!

Time's Up:

The judge will countdown the amount of seconds players have to place their caption card on the table.

If you don't get your caption card down in time, you are disqualified from the round. The judge can choose 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, or even less time!

Judge's Call:

In this game, the odds are either for or against the judge! The judge will chose the winning caption card and then guess which player played that card.

If the judge guesses correctly, he/she wins the picture card! If not, the player wins the picture card and one of the judge's previously earned picture cards.

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