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Brainspin is a creativity game. Challenge yourself to see a new perspective on the same old lines! Your friends' brains will delight you as the simple shapes inspire vastly different interpretations.


  • 54 card deck
  • Rulebook

Game Play

To play, place a card face up on the table.

Use a timer to count down one minute as each player writes a list of all the things s/he sees in the image.

For example, answers for a simple square could include "toast", "elevator shaft", "sugar cube" or "space on a checkerboard". It's really fun to hear what other people imagine the picture could be!

Halfway through the minute, turn the card (90 degrees) to give players a different view of the image.

You'll be surprised to see how different some of the cards look when they're turned. New images, that are not noticed one way, are revealed!


After each card, players take turns reading their lists aloud. Each unique answer earns a point. Majority rules on contested answers!

End of the Game

The player with the highest total score, after three cards have been played, is the winner!

Note: To download other shapes to use in future games of BRAINSPIN, please visit the homepage of Brainspin.

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