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  • Circular Game Frame
  • 3 Legs
  • 2 Connector Pieces (upper and lower)
  • 12 Balloons
  • 9 Sticks plus 1 Bonus Stick
  • Die
  • Rulebook

Note: Balloon pump not included

Game Frame Assembly

1. Take each of the three legs and insert them into the connector piece underneath the circular game frame.

2. Click the bowl-shaped connector piece to the holes in each of the three legs.

3. Take a balloon (not inflated), and push the mouth of the balloon through the bowl-shaped connector piece at the bottom of the game frame. The mouth should stick out, but be held securely in place by the connector.

4. Blow up the balloon in the frame using a balloon pump. A pump should always be used to blow the balloons up. Tightly fold and wrap the mouth piece of the balloon around the notch in the connector so it remains inflated.


Carefully insert 9 sticks with the front forward into the frame.

Stop when you feel a click. Boom Boom Balloon is now ready to play. The youngest player goes first. Play continues in a clockwise direction.

Game Play

On each player's turn, roll the die and gently push a stick in towards the balloon until you feel a soft click.

The number you roll on the die indicates the number of times you will push the stick and feel the click.

If you roll a 2 or 3, you can choose to either give one stick more clicks or choose to give a number of sticks just 1 click.

Either is fine as long as the total number of clicks equals the number on the die.

End of the Game

The player that makes the balloon pop loses. If the balloon pops before the next player has had their turn, the player who just finished their turn loses. All the other players win!

Disassembly and Storage:

Just as with setting up, when the game is complete, an adult should disassemble Boom Boom Balloon.

  1. Remove the balloon and for safety reasons make sure that ALL pieces of the balloon are immediately thrown away due to choking hazard.

  2. Remove the sticks from the game by pushing them in one-by-one until they come loose from the frame. For safety reasons it is impossible to push the sticks from the inside to the outside.

  3. Push the lower connector upwards in order to click it out of the frame.

  4. Click each of the three legs out of the upper connector by pushing them downwards

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