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  • 42 game pieces (two 21-piece sets of blue and green)
  • Game board with 2 storage panels

Note: Each set contains 21 pieces, each a different shape. (See Figure 1).

Each set includes:

  • 1 one-hole piece
  • 1 two-hole piece
  • 2 three-hole pieces
  • 5 four-hole pieces
  • 12 five-hole pieces

Note: The game board has two starting points. (See Figure 2)

Important: The first time you play, open the game board and plug all pieces of one color into each storage tray.

Match each piece to the shapes outlined in the tray. All pieces of one color will fit in one tray.

Object of the Game

Each player has to fit as many of his/her 21 pieces on the board as possible.

Game Play

  1. Each player takes one removable storage panel containing a set of 21 pieces. To detach the panels, lay them completely flat and snap each corner out from its hinge, one at a time.

    (See Figure 2)

  2. Decide who will start first. Player 1 places one of her pieces on either of the two starting points. Player 2 places one of his pieces on the other starting point. Be sure to plug pieces securely onto the board's nubs to hold them in place. (See Figure 3)

  3. Play continues as each player plugs in one piece during a turn. (See Figure 4)

    • Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners.

    • No flat edges of same colored pieces can touch.

    • There are no restrictions on how differently colored pieces can touch one another.

    • Once a game piece has been placed on the board it cannot be moved during subsequent turns.

  4. Whenever a player is unable to place one of his remaining pieces on the board, that player must pass his turn.

  5. The game ends when both players are blocked from laying down any more of their pieces. This also includes a player who may have placed all of his pieces on the board. Scores are tallied, and the player with the highest score is the winner.


Players count the number of holes in their remaining pieces (1 hole = -1 point). Players earn +15 points if all 21 of their pieces have been placed on the board plus an additional 5 bonus points if the last piece placed on the board was the smallest piece (one hole).

Figure 5 shows an example of a completed game. The green player is the winner.

  • The green player placed all her pieces and played her smallest piece last. Score: +20 points

  • The blue player could not place 2 three-hole pieces and 1 four-hole piece. Score: -10 points

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