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  • 20 wood blocks of different shapes and sizes
  • starter block.
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Try to build a stack of balanced blocks without causing it to tumble!

Game Play

  1. Spread out the 20 wood blocks and place the starter block labeled "BLOCKHEAD!" on a flat surface. This is the base.

  2. The youngest player starts by choosing a block and placing it anywhere on the base. This is the only block that is allowed to touch the base during the game.

  3. The player to the left now selects a block and places it on top of the first block.

  4. The next player adds a block to the first or second block. There is no penalty if the stack tumbles during the first three turns.

  5. Play continues and each player adds a block to the stack. The block may be placed in any position on any block.

  6. Players may use only one hand to place a block on the stack and may not touch any block except the one in their hand.

    If only the block being placed falls from the stack, the player may try again with the same block or a different block.


Each player is allowed to cause the stack to tumble two times. If you make it fall a third time, you're a BLOCKHEAD! and out of the game.

Play continues until all but one player is out of the game.

End of the Game

The last player left in the game is the winner!

Blockhead! Solitaire

Try to stack all the blocks without causing them to tumble!

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