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  • 112 Been There cards
  • 112 Done That cards
  • 12 YES cards
  • 12 NO cards
  • Been There, Done That die
  • 4 Scoring Sheet Notepads
  • 8 Pencils
  • Rulebook


Remove the Been There, Done That card deck from the game box.

Each player takes a scoring sheet, a pencil, one YES card and one NO card.

The tallest player goes first.

Game Play

  1. he first player rolls the Been There, Done That die to determine whether they select a Been There or Done That card from the deck.

  2. The first player then draws the card and chooses one of the 4 scenarios to read aloud.

  3. Each player secretly indicates whether or not they have Been There or Done That by placing a YES or NO card face down in front of them.

  4. Each player guesses the number of people in the group who have played a YES card for that scenario and writes the number on their score pad in the corresponding square.

  5. One by one, players reveal their responses.

  6. Count the number of YES cards and score accordingly.


Players score points by correctly guessing the number of people in the group who have played a YES card.

If a player's guess was correct, the player circles the number to indicate a point scored. If the player's guess was incorrect, the player draws a line through the number, indicating no point was scored.

Bonus Points

Bonus points may be awarded in rounds when a player rolls a +1. When a +1 is rolled, the player y may select either a Been There or Done That card.

Each player that guesses correctly that round will receive an additional point. The player circles the number and writes a +1 in the square, indicating a bonus point was earned.

The player receives 2 points for that round (1 point for the correct guess plus 1 bonus point).

End of the Game

After all 9 rounds are completed, players total their points. The player with the highest score wins the game.

In the case of a tie: Roll the die and select a Been There or Done That card. The player who can answer yes to the most scenarios on the card wins the tiebreaker.

Variation for Large Groups

The game is played the same; however, scoring is a little different. For each correct guess, the player receives 2 points. This is indicated by 2 circles marked on the score sheet.

If a player's guess is missed by one number (either higher or lower) the player scores 1 point. This is indicated by one circle marked on the score sheet.

At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

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