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Rating: 6.5 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 90-272 minutes

Created by: Molly Glover, Tom Jolly, Mathias Kollros, Francesca Baerald, Nele Diel, ShenFei

Published by: Asterion Press, Delta Vision Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games

Alternate Names: Bataille pour Rokugan, Batalla por Rokugán, Harc Rokuganért, Kampf um Rokugan, Битва за Рокуган


The wind whipped across the banners that formed a row of color stretching the length of the field. The line represented the full measure of her province's strength. Would it be enough to hold the castle? It would have to be. Her honor depended on it.

The daimyo nudged her steed and trotted up alongside the line of ashigaru peasant levies. They clutched their spears and stared straight ahead, toward what could be their doom.

But if they died courageously, they would be rewarded in the next life. Perhaps they would even be reborn as samurai. Behind them, her loyal samurai rested their hands on the hilts of their swords.

The polished lacquer of their armor gleamed beneath the sun, their family crests adorning their helmets in metal wreaths. Beyond, the cavalry shifted, horses whickering to be loosed.

The creaking of a thousand branches snapped her attention across the field. Behind the enemy's own infantry line, a thousand longbows pointed upward. "Prepare to receive fire!" she called.

Her clan's shugenja began their chant, long hair and colored sleeves fluttering in the wind like the smoke of incense drifting to the heavens with their prayers. A thousand whistles screamed through the air, a dark swarm of death descending upon her army.

The chant crescendoed to a peak. Without warning, the wind shifted direction. The arrows buried themselves harmlessly in the dirt before her ashigaru.

A battlecry went up from the enemy line, and the wave of enemy infantry rushed forth to meet them. She looked to her forces and shouted at the top of her lungs, her horse rearing beneath her. "Steel yourselves, soldiers! For the Emperor! For Rokugan!"

Conquer the realm and bring honor to your clan in Battle for Rokugan!

This turn-based strategy game of conquest and mayhem puts players in the role of Rokugan daimyō struggling for control over the rich land of the Emerald Empire.

Leaders must balance their resources, plan their attacks, and outwit their enemies to ensure their clan's victory. The land is there for the taking. The most honorable daimyō will win the day!

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Battle for Rokugan puts players in the roles of daimyo of the Great Clans fighting for territory.

Daimyo deploy forces to gain control of provinces, which earn them honor and spread their influence across the land. Powerful magics surge across the land, forces clash, and the fates of all clans hang in the balance!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 22 territory cards
  • 10 initiative cards
  • 12 Secret objective cards
  • 1 First player card
  • 7 Daimyo screens
  • 189 Combat tokens
  • 5 shugenja cards
  • 10 scout cards
  • 210 control tokens
  • 4 honor Bonus Tokens
  • 4 defense Bonus Tokens
  • 1 Shrine Token
  • 1 Harbor Token
  • 1 battlefield token
  • 15 Peace Tokens
  • 15 Scorched earth tokens
  • 1 Round Track Token
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Rokugan is a land filled with spirits, beauty, and strife. In Battle for Rokugan, each player leads a clan by taking the role of a daimyo, who must make military decisions that anticipate their opponents' moves. …

This section contains additional rules that players need to know to play the game.

Successful Defense

Each time a province is successfully defended, the defender places one of their faceup control tokens in that province, which provides that province with a defense bonus during their future battles.

If an attack against a province fails for any reason, that province is also treated as being successfully defended.

Finally, if a player places an army, navy, or shinobi token to defend a province and that province is not attacked, the province is treated as being successfully defended. …

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