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  • 47 Loot Cards
  • 38 Outlaws and Lawmen
  • 10 Two-Faced Cards
  • 5 Special Action Cards
  • 6 Hideouts
  • 1 Turn Card

Object of the Game

Steal the most Gold Bars or Money Bags from your opponents while protecting your own stash. Each round is another chance to wrangle up more Loot.


First, separate the Hideout Cards, Turn Card, and Quick Reference Card from the rest of the deck. Have all players choose their favorite Hideout to stash their Loot under. Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal 6 to each player.

Place the remaining cards in the center to form the Draw Pile. The youngest whipper snapper takes the first turn.

Game Play

You generally have 3 options on each turn. Choose only 1 of the following options:

  1. Draw 1 card from the Draw Pile to add to your hand.

  2. Attack an opponent s hand with any Outlaw/Two-Faced Cards.

  3. Stash 3 Or More Cards Of The Same Type of Loot, either all Gold Bars or all Money Bags, face down under your Hideout. (Only Gold Bars, Money Bags, and the Booby Trap Card can go under the Hideouts).

At times, you may have additional options of attacking a Hideout with a Tracker card, or stashing a Booby Trap card with your loot (see The Cards).

Pass the turn Card to the next player after finishing your turn so everyone knows your turn is over.

Replenishing Hands

All players must have at least 6 cards in their hands at all times. After attacking, defending, or stashing Loot, players may have fewer than 6 cards in their hands. These players take additional cards from the Draw Pile until they have 6 cards in their hands.

After an attack, the attacking player replenishes first, followed by the defender. Replenishing does not count as the defender's turn.


Try to steal another player's hand and hopefully some Loot! To attack, play any number of Outlaw () or Two-Faced Cards ( or @g.jpg> ) from your hand onto the table and announce which 1 player you will attack.

The higher the total number of guns a person attacks with, the stronger the attack (3 + 2 @g.jpg= 5 total guns). If the defending player cannot match the number of guns on the attacking cards with an equal or greater value of stars () on the Lawmen/Two-Faced Cards, that players loses the shootout.

As a result, the defender must fork over any remaining cards held in his or her hand to the attacking player. All cards played in the fight are discarded to the Boneyard (see The Boneyard). Then players with fewer than 6 cards replenish their hands.


A player's main defense against an attack are Lawmen () or Two-Faced Cards ( or ). The defending player can play any number of these cards. If the total value of stars () is equal to or greater than the total number of guns played by the attacker, the attack is successfully defended and no cards are lost. Players then discard and replenish as above.

Hint: It's better to go out in a b,laze of glory and play any Lawmen Cards even if you cant fully defend yourself. Otherwise, your opponent will get all your Lawmen.

The Boneyard

This is the discard pile, where the cards used after attacking or defending are thrown. These cards can not be picked up.


The round is over immediately after the last card from the Draw Pile is taken. Players keep the cards in their hands for the next round and tally up their score.

The total value of all the Gold Bars and Money Bags in their Hideouts are recorded. Players only get credit for Loot in their Hideouts, not in their hands.

Start a New Round

The cards in the Boneyard and in all players' Hideouts are shuffled together thoroughly to form the new Draw Pile for the next round.

Then, players with fewer than 6 cards must replenish their hands. Finally, play starts with the person whose turn it was at the end of the previous round.

End of the Game

At the end of a round, check below to see if anyone has hoarded enough Loot to win.

Most BANDITS games will last 1-4 rounds. If more than 1 player has enough to win, the player with the most Loot wins.

To break a tie, all players play an additional round - this town isn't big enough for two winners!

Number of PlayersLoot to Win

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