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The Loot

Gold Bar & Money Bag Cards: Try to collect as many of these cards under your Hideout to win the game. Gold

Bar cards come in 5 different values and Money Bag cards come in 4 different values. Remember that Loot can only be placed under your Hideout in groups of three cards or more of the same type: cither all Gold Bars OR all Money Bags.

Outlaw Cards

These are your attack cards. An Outlaw's strength is represented by the number of guns on the card. Wild Bill (6 ) is the strongest outlaw so use him wisely. Most players wont be able to hold a candle to him.

Lawmen Cards

These are your defense cards. The strength of a Lawman is measured by the number of stars on the card. Sheriff McCoy (6 ) is the strongest lawman - hold onto him as long as possible because he will come in handy! He likes to save the day.

Two-faced Cards

These cards can be used to attack OR defend. These characters are untrustworthy, but flexible.

Tracker Card

Play this card to attack another player's Hideout and steal the Loot inside! On your turn, decide which Hideout to go after, then attack with your Outlaw Cards.

If the defender can not successfully defend against the attack, you get to randomly choose 6 cards from that person's Hideout, which go directly into your own Hideout!

No Lawmen or other cards are forked over. If there are fewer than 6 Loot cards stashed in that player's Hideout, you get them all.

Hint: If your Hideout is attacked, and you can't fully defend it, don't play your Lawmen cards - keep them in hand. The attacker will get only cards from your Hideout, and your Lawmen live to fight another day.

Backfire Card

This card is the ultimate defense. If you are under attack, play this card to make the attacking Outlaw Cards turn against your opponent!

If that player cannot successfully defend against those Outlaws, you win the shootout and collect that player's hand! You can also use this card to defend against a Tracker's attack.

In this case, if the original attacker can not defend the Outlaws, you win 6 cards from that player's Hideout.

Booby Trap Card

Be sneaky and set a booby trap in your Hideout! Stash this card along with at least two other Loot cards of the same type.

If another player tries to attack your Hideout, play this card from your Hideout to stop them. You do not need to use any additional Lawmen to defend yourself.

This card MUST be in your Hideout to work. After this card comes into play, it is discarded with the rest of the remains to The Boneyard.

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