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This version of the game allows you to perfect your performance and try new combinations of traps and weapons.

Set up the game according to the version of the game you wish to play (basic or advanced). Following are the changes you must apply to practice in the solo version:


Identical to the setup for the basic version, with the following exceptions:

  • You get only 1 house and only 1 tower floor.

  • Use the back of the Play Aid board (green border).

  • Use the Round Counting board and Round counter.

Game Play

All skeletons that leave your board immediately go to your cemetery (and you still add 3 new skeletons each round).

Object of the Game

You lose the game if your tower or house is destroyed.

You win the game if your tower and house are still intact at the end of 10 complete rounds of play, even if there are still skeletons on your board.

To win in a heroic fashion, at the end of the 10th round, no longer add 3 new skeletons in phase 4, and continue the game until you have eliminated all of the skeletons from your board and cemetery.

To adjust the difficulty, simply increase or decrease the number of rounds from 10.

Using the back (green border) of the Play Aid board from the basic game helps you remember to perform the extra step (V), in which you advance the Round counter on its own board.

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