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Solo Mode

  1. Proceed as above, starting your Time Point marker on Position 1 of the Time Track.

  2. When taking the Recruit Help action, you may also pay one Gold to discard as many cards as you wish to refresh the display. Do this before selecting the person to recruit.

  3. Choose a difficulty level and start with these resources.

Note: In solo mode, hex number 14 is NOT always surveyed, i.e. no Survey tile is placed there during setup, unless specified.

Solo Objectives

Choose, or select at random one of the Solo Objective cards.

If you meet the objective, you gain the stated Victory Points at the end of the game.

Two-player Variants

You can either draw one card at random and choose one of the two variants, or draw two cards at random and choose two of the four variants.

Western Australia

Use the Western map and the Player boards flipped to the 'Western Barracks'.

Survey Stage

  • Do NOT place Coal or Phosphates.
  • Resources CAN be placed in the green Farmland hexes.
  • In addition to the survey, at setup, place 3 VP and 5VP tokens in the hexes indicated.

Rule Changes

  • Player ports can be located adjacent to each other.
  • Any farm can be placed in a green Farm- land hex. You cannot farm in the yellow Desert.
  • The 3 and 5 VP tokens are mined in the same way as any other resource.

Full Co-operation

Apply these rule changes to make the game a fully cooperative experience:

  1. Start all player discs FOUR time spaces closer to the Old Ones disc.

  2. You may use each other's Railways if connected. Pay one extra time point for each other player's Railway you use. However, you cannot build Railway that does not connect back to your port solely on your color tracks.

  3. Import export allows you to gift imported resources or Gold received from exporting to another, so that the recipient is free to use them on their turn.

  4. When you take a personality card you choose who receives it.

Scoring: The human players win if all of them reach a higher score than the Old Ones.

3-4 Player Challenges

If, after a few games you find it too easy to defeat the Old Ones, you can ramp up the difficulty level.

Medium: Spawning Temples

  1. Find the eight Old One tiles that have 'X' or 'XX' marked on the front. During setup, shuffle the two 'XX' Temple tiles into the stack of level 2 Old One tiles.

  2. Keep the other six 'X' tiles aside, do not place them during the Survey.

  3. When a Spawning (XX) Temple is revealed, place the three 'X' tiles of its kind (Mi-Go or Zombie) on the Temple.

    Then move each Old One two hexes away from the Temple in a direction determined by the draw of an Old One card. Refer to the number at the top of the card, and the compass plan at the bottom of the map e.g. if the card has '4' at the top, move the Old One two hexes to the south.

    Each Old One tile has one card draw so they may go in different directions.

  4. The Temples spawn like this once only, when they are revealed.

  5. Thereafter, these Temples act like other Temples and may spawn Level 3 Old Ones if a Temple Revelation card comes up.

Hard: As above plus toughen the Old Ones

  • Before setup, remove all the 'Empty' tiles from the game.

  • If you run out of a tile of a certain level, place a tile of the next level up.

Insane: As above plus sift the Survey

  • Before setup, remove the seven Survey tiles that have a red clip. You will find you have more Old Ones to deal with.

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