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Advanced Game

Once players get familiar with the game, you can agree to use the B-sides of the factory boards. During set-up, first determine player order.

Then, starting with the last player and proceeding in reverse player order, each player in turn picks one factory board and places it in front of themselves with the B-side facing up. Each factory provides its owner a special power:


Cheap and classy: Before the game begins, take the oval marker with the green City car. This counts as an extra city car tile.

Your assembly lines are organised a little differenty than those of other players: The lower, left machine in your factory belongs to your city cars, not to your super cars. This means your city cars can be better equipped.


This one goes to eleven: Before the game begins, take the oval marker with the yellow electrical car. Whenever you produce a car (of any type), you may choose to use this tile instead of a regular car tile. If you do, the produced car gets one extra popularity. The el-car tile is placed on ships and sold to markets just like any other car.


We copy only the best: Once during each sales phase, when selling one of your cars, you may place it on a sales space occupied by another player's car.

This is called «copying». To copy a car, the two cars must be of the same type, e.g. a family car can only be copied by another family car. You cannot copy your own cars or the special electrical car of the Elon player.


Open plan offce: You have room to hire up to 6 managers. On the other hand, you must pay higher fees for styling tiles.


Manager Tiles

(placed in office spaces)

Research managers increase the popularity of all your produced cars.

Each marketing manager allows you to sell one extra car in the sales phase.

For each general manager, you gain 1 extra Autobuck for every worker you place in the Sponsor space.

When taking a staff manager, immediately take the shown number of neutral workers from the supply.

Note: Manager tiles in the B-stack have different combinations of these effects.

Fee: You must pay an extra cost the first time you use certain office spaces

Note: You may have several managers of the same type in different offices.

Replacing: A manager tile may only be replaced by another manager tile of the same type (both tiles must show the same portrait). You do not pay any offce fees when replacing a tile. The replaced tile is discarded and returned to the game box.

Note: If you replace a single-worker Staff manager with a double-worker Staff manager, you only take 1 new worker.

Machine Tiles

(placed on assembly line spaces)

Machine tiles increase the popularity score of a car if they match a demand tile in a market.

Increases popularity score of the produced car by two.

Replacing: When you acquire a new machine tile, you may use it to replace any other machine tile.

Styling Tiles

(placed above a car type)

Increases the popularity score of the car. Each type of car can have up to three styling tiles attached as long as the tiles are of different types (Spoiler, Muffler, Dice).

Fee: When you place the second or third styling tile above one car, you must pay a fee of 1 or 2 autobucks respectively.

Replacing: A styling tile may only be replaced by another styling tile of the same type. You do not pay any fees when replacing a tile.

Money/victory Point Tiles

Take the indicated amount of autobucks/ victory points, then discard the tile.

Sales Offices

You may sell 2 cars during the sales phase, and you will be 1st in play order next turn.

You may take one of the two tiles below the sales offices. Fees for using offices or taking styling tiles must be paid as normal. You may sell 2 cars during sales phase, and will be 2nd in play order next turn.

Take 1 contract card from the display. You may sell 3 cars during sales phase, and will be 3rd in play order next turn.

You may sell an unlimited number of cars during sales phase, and will be last in play order next turn.

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