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The Gifts of the Caliph

This expansion "The Gifts of the Caliph" can be used with the basic game of Asara, and also may be combined with the professional version of the game.


Place golden treasures on the five market space shown below. For the basic game, remove the four Gift cards with the lighted windows and use the remaining twenty Gift cards.

Shuffle the Gift cards and put them in a face-down pile next to the board. At the beginning of the game and at the start of each new year, randomly distribute the top five Gift cards face-up to the spaces marked with treasure chests on the board.


During the game, when a player places a buyer on a space with a Gift card, they get the card. The player will first execute the action of the card and then the normal action from the space. At the end of the year, if Gift cards remain on the board, they stay in place, and another Gift is added to the space.

The player must immediately select a buyer from the deck, add it to their hand, and reshuffle the deck.

The player takes the number of Asari shown from the stock.

The player must purchase part of a tower from the corresponding area.

The player immediately gains 2 prestige points.

Professional Version

The player must purchase a lighted window for 4 Asari; choose from the stack, put it behind their screen, and reshuffle.

For the Professional version of the game, add the four Gift cards with the lighted windows to the other cards. Add an additional treasure chest to a space in the "House of Lighted Windows". Each year, six Gifts are randomly placed on the spaces with the treasure chests.

The House of the Bottle Genie

The "House of the Bottle Genie" expansion is played together with the rules for the professional version of ASARA.

The new board is simply placed touching any side of the playing area after set-up. No existing rules are changed.

Players may receive a wish in the House of the Bottle Genie. If a player places a buyer on a vacant space, he first pays the required 3, 5 or 7 Asari into the kitty.

Afterwards he may wish to use any one move of any area (except for the Caliph's patronage!), i.e. buy tower sections, build tower, extra funds, recruit buyers, etc. It is not relevant whether the associated space is empty or not.

Example: The Player pays the required 3, 5 or 7 Asari, chooses a move, i.e.:

  • extra funds, and selects the space with +12. He then takes 12 Asari from the kitty.

  • build tower, and pays the additional cost of the chosen space. He then executes the move as usual.

  • bribery, and pays 3 additional Asari for the House of Spies. He then completes the rest of the bribery move as usual.

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