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Play the game as normal, with the following additions:

After choosing a faction, players collect their corresponding Power Tokens (Orc-Goblin-Elf-Mage): Mage and Elf collect 2 Power Tokens, Orc and Goblin collect 1 Power Token.

Power Tokens are placed face-up in front of a player's screen.

Each player collects his Reinforcement Token and places it behind his screen, next to his Warrior Tokens.

Game Play

Players take turns in clockwise order. On his turn, a player must take one of the following actions:

  • Place up to two Palisades.

  • Place a face-down Warrior on a free square.

  • Place a Reinforcement Token on top of one of his Warriors that has already been placed on the board.

  • Activate one of his Powers, and then perform one of the three actions mentioned above.

Note: Powers are always activated first, before placing Palisades, Warriors or Reinforcements. Players can only activate one Power per turn.


Mage: Look at a Warrior's Value: Secretly look at the value of an opponent's Warrior that has already been placed. This Power Token is then removed from the game after use.

Goblin: Place an additional Warrior: Place one of your Warriors face-up on a free square. This Power Token is then removed from the game after use.

Orc: Place an additional Palisade: Place a Palisade on an available space on the Game Board. This Power Token is then removed from the game after use.

Elf: Unleash an arrow: If you already have an Elf in play, you can shoot an arrow at one of your opponent's Warriors located in the same Territory.

Place your Power Token on top of the Warrior you are shooting at, reducing that Warrior's value by one point during the scoring phase.

You cannot shoot an arrow if the Territory is already full. (All squares are occupied by Warriors or Gold). The same Elf may shoot at the same enemy Warrior twice, but not during the same turn. At the beginning of the game, if no Territory has yet been created, an Elf can shoot at any Warrior on the Game Board.

As a reminder: The use of Powers is an addition to the normal turn sequence, and must be performed first: You must use your Power before playing as normal (placing Palisades, Warriors or Reinforcements).


  • A Reinforcement Token is placed on top of a Warrior that has already been played and increases the value of that token by one point during scoring.

  • A Reinforcement Token can only be placed on a full Territory. (All squares are already occupied by Warriors or Gold).

  • There can be only one Reinforcement Token per Territory.

  • A Reinforcement Token can be placed on top of an Elf Power Token.

  • During a 4 Player game, a Reinforcement Token cannot be placed on top of a partner's Warrior.

  • If a player has placed a Reinforcement Token on a Territory, he wins all the Gold from that Territory in the case of a tie.

The game's end and victory conditions are the same as in the basic rules.

During the final scoring, don't forget to Increase and/or lower the value of Warriors depending on the presence of a Reinforcement or Elf Power Tokens.

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