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How much does it cost to hire thugs?

Thugs can be hired using any combination of food and meds totaling 6 units.

What are you supposed to do with junk cards?

Sometimes players dig junk out of the junkyard. Players do not have to hold onto these cards. They may immediately discard them at the bottom of the junkyard (they do not get another dig).

Can group leaders, or snipers carry tools?

No. A card must have a base ability in order to improve it with a tool.

Do group leaders count as a tool when counting equipment limits?

No. A tribe member card could use a tool AND have a leader increase their action.

Can group leaders enhance a tribe family or refugee?

Yes. A refugee combined with a group leaders card becomes capable of dig or hunt. A tribe family enhanced by group leaders can attack or hunt.

What can a saboteur disarm?

Any card with a tool icon JC.

What can a sniper team attack?

Sniper teams can only attack people (i.e. card with a person icon Q in the upper-left).

What happens to the tools held by sniped people?

After a snipe action is performed, the sniped player may rearrange the available tools as desired.

For example: Player 1's brawler is holding a grenade (+3 fight) and gets sniped by Player 2. Player 1 also has a scavenger in play holding a spear (+2 fight). The scavenger drops the spear in favor of the grenade.

How is a skirmish resolved when multiple saboteurs and/or sniper teams are in play?

Skirmishes are resolved by starting with the Initiator and having her declare any actions performed by her units (including saboteurs and sniper teams). Play then passes to the next player to declare actions for her units.

If a player with a earlier turn order snipes another sniper or snipes a saboteur of a later turn order, then those units will not have an opportunity to exercise their special abilities.

Sniping a sniper team or saboteur of a earlier turn order will only impact the number of people for the purposes of breaking a tie.

For example: The initiator used a saboteur to disarm Player 3's grenade Player 2 has no special actions. Player 3 uses a sniper team to snipe the initiator's saboteur.

Doing so reduces the number of people that the initiator has, but does not prevent the disarm action from occurring. Player 4 then uses her sniper team to snipe Player 5's sniper team. Player 5 will not be able to use her sniper team this round.

Can wolf packs operate independently?

The wolf pack cannot since it is a modifier card (notice the +fight / +hunt). Also note the tool icon in the upper-left corner.

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