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This section explains several variant rules that players may freely use in any combination to customize the game to their liking. Before each game begins, players must agree on which of these variants to use, if any.

Labyrinthian Facility

This variant further randomizes the layout of the facility and creates potential for very unusual interaction between rooms. During the "Build Facility" step of setup, shuffle all the first floor and second floor room cards together into one deck and deal 12 cards facedown from this deck.

Arrange the room cards in a straight line as if the facility has only one floor consisting of 12 rooms. Then shuffle the secret room cards, deal one card facedown, and position it separately from the other rooms (remember, the secret room is not adjacent to any other room).

Return the remaining room cards to the game box.

Scattered NPCs

In this variant, when a room card function instructs a player to place a specific NPC card in a room, the player instead randomly determines which NPC is placed.

To do this, he gathers all NPC cards not currently inside the facility, shuffles them under the table, randomly chooses one, and places it in the room.

Sensitive or Faulty Alarm

For a shorter game, set the alarm dial to "1" before tlie game begins. For a longer game, set the alarm dial to "-1" before the game begins.


Each member of Mr. White's team was picked for his special set of skills. This variant grants specific starting items to each operative to reflect his specialty. Before items are dealt out or drafted during setup, follow this procedure:

  1. Each player takes tlie following item cards based on tlie operative he is playing:

    Gabriel Correa Santiago: "Disrupter Laser" and "Remote Drone"

    Hugo Cash: "Call for Backup" and "Sledgehammer"

    John "Animal" McEvoy: "Diesel" and "Gauss Pistol"

    "Marilyn" 7Y3T9D: "Slider" and "Qianju PT"

    Monica Singh: "Flechette Pistol" and "Movement Tracker"

    Mr. White: 'Informant" and "Secretaries"

  2. Shuffle the remaining item cards to create the item deck. Deal each player two item cards facedown. Then, place the item deck facedown near the facility.

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