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A galaxy divided. War, chaos, and destruction found in every corner.

No being, no race, no planet could escape the vortex of annihilation pushing all life forms towards obliteration. Remnants of a glorious past were fading away, as the end drew near...

100 years ago, the Qualeen decided that the Galaxy should be unified under one rule to serve the purposes of Oneness. Thus, the Order of Qual was created.

The human race and the Minireen homeworlds, located nearest to the Qualeen, were quickly conquered. On the other side of the galaxy, a new coalition was formed between the Sheptas and the Sisssaurians.

Their goal was to create a strong trading union that would serve their needs and protect the trading fleets from the attacks of Garrn'Athak'Nok. They called it the Merchant Union.

The First Intergalactic War Was Inevitable...

Ten years after the creation of the Merchant Union, the Order of Qual arrived at the doorstep of their sphere of influence and demanded their surrender . Having no way to defend their territory , the Union asked the Garrn 'Athak 'Nok to join them in return for financial support. They accepted , and the war began.

The Garrn'Athak'Nok, using resources gained from recently conquered Zehuti and their payment from the Union, created an enormous fleet. The Order, surprised by the show of force, was stopped.

During the next 50 years, there were several neutral races that tried in vain to stop the war. It was at the end of the 51st year that the two opposing sides decided to fight for the last time.

The winner of the battle would also be the winner of the war. Two fleets gathered at the second ring of the galaxy. It should have been the biggest battle the galaxy had ever known... but it didn't last for more than a few seconds.

The Unexpected Happened...

Tenebrous ships arrived out of nowhere . Using technology of unknown origin and tremendous power, the mysterious ships mercilessly destroyed both fleets.

Reports came from all over the galaxy describing the complete annihilation of fleets and core worlds, regardless of affiliation. No one could stop them. There was no escape.

No one even managed to record their ships! There was a complete absence of light and other transmissions where they were. Practically , they were both invisible and invulnerable.

And as they had appeared out of nowhere , they vanished the same way, leaving only ashes and unanswered questions . Some said they were the Makers; others were whispering about a superior, extra-dimensional race whose true nature and agenda were unknown.

Those seconds of chaos would be remembered as the Purge Incident because nothing was left untouched. The ships would be known as "the Harbingers " since most believed that something even worse would follow , and this was just the beginning.

Working For Something Greater...

Five years passed since the Purge Incident . During that time, the major races gathered often to discuss and negotiate for the future . Even the Vak, who were neutral and remote , came to discuss the future.

The gathered races all recognized that their galaxy was unprotected from an enemy so powerful it placed their continued existence at stake. Divisions would have to be abandoned ; there was a need for new ideas. There was a need for hope. That hope became known as the Alliance.

The Alliance was to protect its members, create a free ex -change of technologies , solve cultural differences , and advance their understanding of the universe. In order to strengthen its presence, the Alliance needed a physical symbol, something that would become a beacon of hope for all the races of the galaxy.

The first eight races that created the Alliance were named "The Founders". During the 15th Table of Founders, the Qualeen suggested that each race build a Space Station to serve as that beacon, representing the ideas of the Alliance while protecting its members. Two years later, thefirst blueprints were ready.

The Alliance held its first open intergalactic meeting on the home planet of the Zehuti. The Qualeen ambassador forfeited the presidential position, declaring that the Order of Qual would serve as soldiers, keeping safe their agreed-upon ideals.

He nominated the ambassador from the Sheptas to become the next President of the Alliance. Under the pressure of the unanimous council vote and a crowd roaring its approval.

Ambassador Egar Korr accepted the honorable position with this declaration:

"The Purge Incident reset the way we were living and came as a shock to our philosophy. We may have achieved space travel and conquered other planets, but we are still at the beginning of our journey.

The arrival of the Harbingers made it clear that we need to work together. It is my duty to call on all of you out there to join our cause and to share our dreams! It is my honor and privilege to assign to the members of the Alliance the construction of the first Space Stations.

They will light our way, and they will become our beacons of hope. Those stations will protect our worlds, and help bring peace among the stars!"

The Races


The Qualeen were the most powerful and vicious nation in the known universe until the Purge Incident. Today, they are the defenders of peace and loyal soldiers of the Alliance.

Due to their intent mystical life and the fact that they started the First Intergalactic War, many distrust their motives and believe they know more than share . Whether they are true to the Alliance or to themselves, they are more than meets the eye.


The human race never managed to shine in the known universe as they were conquered by Qualeen long before the Purge Incident. Today, the Humareen are equal members of the Alliance, valued for their social skills.

What makes them unique , however , are ' their survival skills , adaptability and versatility. The Humareen are proof that every race is valuable to the Alliance as long they want to contribute to its causes.


The Minireen are considered the most skillful engineers in the galaxy. They can put to good use anything they find. They prefer to communicate with a minimum of words and show no emotion. Despite their compact and rough physiology, they inspire calmness and trust.

Their home world was destroyed during the Purge Incident.


Their home planet is one of the richest in the known universe. However, due to their narrow way of thinking and their plentiful resources , the Zehuti never had the need to ally with any alien race. As a result, no one came to their defense when the Garrn'Athak 'Nok launched their attack.

After the Purge Incident, they were freed and allowed to join the Alliance . They are inexperienced in trade, but their vast resources make them a very valuable member of the Alliance.


Their behavior has always been viewed as enigmatic and chaotic. Other races consider them gamblers and opportunists who don't take anything seriously.

Yet the record of their actions before and after the Purge Incident shows that their "chaotic" choices were not, in fact, random but probably well planned. Whether gamblers or plotters , the Sisssaurians play a major role in the Alliance and its future.


Before the Purge Incident, the Vak were considered a strange and potentially dangerous race. After the incident, the Vak approached the Alliance in order to serve the new idea.

Their body physiology is different than the rest of the known races as they are not carbon-based. Their technology is organic and is used on all their ships and stations, creating more stable, effective, and friendly environments for them.


They were the founders of and major financial contributors to the Merchant Union. The Sheptas are considered the greatest traders in the Galaxy due to their flexibility and swiftness in decision making.

Their motto is "Life is a bargain! For the right price, everything is for sale!". Thanks to the support of the Qualeen, the Sheptas are leading the Alliance council, for now.


Before the Purge Incident, they were becoming stronger by conquering others and taking by force whatever could be used for their own gain. Today, although they try to adapt to the new reality, they are still not to be trusted.

Whenever they think it is necessary, they "borrow" others' things in order to accomplish their goals, reminding everyone that some things might never change. Nonetheless, the speed and power of their military are important assets to the Alliance.

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