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When one or more Event cubes are drawn from the Supply bag, put them on the Event track in the next available space (start with space 1 for the first Event cube of the game), one cube per space and resolving each one in turn.

The Event track is circular, so it is possible that Events are triggered multiple times during a game!

No. 1 Excavate

2-5 players: Remove all Rubble cubes from the leftmost two Tea Estate spaces in the line of Tea Estate cards that have Rubble cubes on them.

Solo game: Remove all Rubble cubes from a number of the leftmost Tea Estate spaces that have Rubble cubes on them equal to the current Excavation Work rate (between 2 and 5).

Place a game Ownership marker in each Tea Estate space cleared in this way; this space is now owned by the game (Contract cards 28 and 29 allow you to make use of these spaces, if needed).

Also, if there are Event cubes on Event spaces 4, 5, and 6, return those cubes to the Supply bag and then reduce resources in the Stockyard in excess of 7 Iron Ore, 4 Stone, and 1 Chai, placing them back into the Supply bag.

Note: the reduction in resources in the Stockyard only happens if the Event cubes are returned (i.e. not on the first ever Event in the game).

No.2 Crops Grow

Move the Crop Harvest marker along two spaces to the right on the track. If it reaches the end of the track, immediately perform a Harvest.

No.3 Track is Laid

Complete a number of Track spaces equal to the current Lay Track Work rate, starting from the lowest incomplete Track space on the mountain. Place game Ownership markers on the spaces completed; no player will receive points for these Track spaces.

No.4 Station Building

The town closest to Siliguri Town (but not Siliguri Town) that is incomplete (at least 1 Station space is empty) is marked as complete: Place game Ownership markers on all remaining Station spaces of that town. No further spaces in that Town may be built by the players.

Also, put the Event cubes on spaces 1, 2 & 3 back in the Supply bag.

No.5 Equipment Maintenance

For each Equipment a player has, they must either pay maintenance for that Equipment, or return it to the Engine Shed. Equipment maintenance costs either 1 Steel bar (paid to the general supply) or 2 Chai (record the use on the Chai track). Equipment returned to the Engine Shed which originally came with a Chai do not get a Chai cube.

No.6 Tea Harve Track is Laid

Immediately perform a Harvest. Then, lay track as per Event No.3.

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