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  • game board
  • 192 cards
  • 8 playing pieces
  • plastic stands
  • spinner arrow
  • spinner base
  • sand timer
  • instructions

Object of the Game

The aim is to explain words and pictures without actually saying the word you're trying to explain. You can say what the thing is used for, what it looks like, where you've seen one like it, what size it is, or anything else you can think of!

The other players try to guess what word you are explaining before the sand in the timer runs out. When someone guesses the word correctly, both you and that player get to spin the spinner and move ahead accordingly.

The first player to reach Finish wins the game.


Before the first game...

Carefully remove the playing pieces from the cardboard frames and the spinner base from the game board. Attach the plastic stands to the playing pieces and the plastic arrow to the spinner base.

Before each game...

The game board is double-sided - for an easier game pick the side with the white start space. If you fancy more of a challenge, pick the side with the yellow start space.

Place the game board on the table, and the spinner in the round hole near the top of the game board.

Make a few decks with the cards and place them next to the game board.

Each player picks a playing piece and places it on the start space on the game board.

Game Play

  1. The oldest player is the first one to explain.

  2. If it's your turn to explain, take a card in your hand so that the other players cannot see the word or picture on it. After this, turn the sand timer and start to explain the word on the card (see Explaining).

  3. If the word seems too difficult, you're allowed to draw a new card. But remember that it's also a fun challenge to try a more difficult word every now and then!

  4. The other players can make as many guesses as they like. Once you hear the correct answer, stop explaining.

    Now you and the player who guessed the word correctly both get to spin the spinner and move your playing pieces to the next space with the matching character from the spinner.

    More than one playing piece can be in the same space at the same time. Then it's the next player's turn to explain.

  5. If the sand runs out before someone has guessed the word correctly it's time to stop. It is now the next player's turn to explain.

  6. Place the used cards on the bottom of the deck.


When you're explaining a word, you're not allowed to use any part of it.

Example: The word "football" cannot be explained by saying "a ball that is kicked with your foot". One way to explain it would be "a round thing that you try to kick into a goal".

You are allowed to use opposites - the easiest way of explaining the word "big" is to say "the opposite of little". You can also use synonyms (other words that have the same meaning), so if you're trying to explain the word "cup", you could say "mug".

Try to come up with as many ways of explaining the word as you can, until someone guesses it correctly. Also try to combine lots of different ways to explain the same word!


If you make a mistake and mention a part of the word you're explaining, place the card aside and draw a new one. Remember though, that the sand doesn't stop running!

End of the Game

If you are close to the Finish space, and the character that you spun on the spinner doesn't appear on the route in front of you, you can move straight to the finish square.

The first player to reach the Finish space is the winner. If two players reach the Finish space after the same turn, they are both winners!

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