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  • Game Board
  • Ferris Wheel (4 parts + axis)
  • 150 Word Cards
  • 50 Acting Cards
  • 6 Giant Game Pieces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Try to reach the big top at the end of the track on the game board before all the other players! You can do that by explaining the pictures on the cards and by guessing the pictures the other players are trying to explain!


Place the game board on the table. Separate the acting cards from the word cards and place them on the table, too.

Each player chooses a game piece and places it on the start space.

Assemble the Ferris wheel (1, 2) and place it in the middle of the game board, as in the picture 3.

The player who last went to the fun fair starts the game.

Game Play

If your game character is on the start space, you get to explain on your turn. If your game character is already on the game route, follow the instructions below!

If your game piece is on an acting space at the start of your turn, draw a card from the pile of acting cards.

Now you must try to imitate the character on the card. You can move and make sounds like the character would - but don't use any words!

If your game piece is on a space like this at the start of your turn, draw a card from the pile of word cards but be careful not to show it to any of the other players!

Then explain normally! (See explaining and guessing)

  • If there is a picture of a nose in the blue space, you have to hold your nose while explaining and the other players do the same while they guess.

  • If there is a picture of a person jumping in the blue space, you have to jump up and down while explaining, and the other players do the same while they guess.

The fun fair is a busy place and sometimes you may come across something unexpected!

The game board contains all the images that appear on the word cards and acting cards, you can listen to how the player in turn describes the image on the card, or how they imitate it, and search for it around the fun fair!

When someone guesses the word correctly, the explainer and the player who guessed the word right can move their game character one step forward on the game board!

If your game pice ends up on a turbo space after moving, spin the spinner and immediately move your game piece forward according to the number you spun!

Explaining and Guessing

You can explain and imitate the images on the cards in lots of different ways!

When you explain the pictures on the cards, you can't use their actual names, but you can give as many clues as you want. Describe what the thing looks like, how big it is, what it's used for, how it sounds, what it tastes like, what color it is, etc.

If you do accidentally mention its name, or if a picture feels too hard to explain or guess, you can place the card in the discard pile and draw a new one instead!

If the other players don't seem to guess what you're trying to explain or imitate, try doing it a different way. The other players can make as many guesses as they want.

Place the used cards in a separate discard pile (one for word cards, another one for acting cards), next to the game board. If you forget, whose turn it is next, just check the word that was last explained or imitated!

End of the Game

The game ends when one of the players reaches the big top at the end of the track. That player is the winner! If two or more players reach the big top at the end of the same turn, they share the victory!

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