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Count the victory points in this order:

  1. Military Conflicts

    Each player adds their Victory and Defeat tokens (this total can be negative !). Example : Alexandria has finished the game with the following tokens: +1, +3, +5, -1, -1, -1 for a total of 6 points.

  2. Treasury Contents

    For every 3 coins in their possession at the end of the game, players score 1 victory point. Leftover coins score no points.

    Example: Alexandria has finished the game with 14 coins in their treasury, which earns them 4 victory points (4 sets of 3 coins plus one partial set).

  3. Wonders

    Each player then adds to their score the victory points from their wonder.

    Example: Alexandria has built all 3 stages of their Wonder (side A); 10 victory points (3 for the first phase and 7 for the third) are added to their total.

  4. Civilian Structures

    Each player adds the victory points of their Civilian structures. This amount is indicated on each Civilian structure.

    Example: Alexandria has built the following civilian structures: Altar (2VP), Aqueduct (5VP) and Town Hall (6VP) for a total of 13 victory points.

  5. Scientific Structures

    The scientific cards earn victory points in two very different ways: from sets of identical symbols and from sets of 3 different symbols.

    Be careful : the victory points earned by both methods are cumulative.

    Sets Of Identical Symbols

    For each of the 3 existing scientific symbols, the player wins the following points:

    • only 1 symbol: 1 victory point
    • 2 identical symbols: 4 victory points
    • 3 identical symbols: 9 victory points
    • 4 identical symbols: 16 victory points

    Note: the number of points gained is equal to the number of symbols squared. There are 4 green cards for each symbol, for a maximum of 16 victory points per family of symbols. This maximum can be increased with the Scientific Guild and the Wonder of Babylon: 5 identical symbols earn 25 victory points and 6 identical symbols earn 36 victory points.

    Example: Alexandria has built 6 scientific structures with the following symbols: 3 , 2 , 1. They score 9 points for the family of 3 (3x3), 4 points for its (2x2) and finally 1 for the (1x1), for a total of 14 victory points.

    Sets Of 3 Different Symbols

    For each group of 3 different symbols, each player scores 7 victory points.

    Example: Continuing the above example, Alexandria has built 6 scientific structures but only has a single group of 3 different symbols, they score 7 extra points for a total of 21 victory points.

    If Alexandria had built an extra structure with the symbol, they would've scored:(9 + 4 + 4) + (7 + 7) = 31 victory points.

  6. Commercial Structures

    Some commercial structures from Age III grant victory points. Example : Alexandria has built the Chamber of Commerce. This structure is worth 2 victory points for each gray card present in their City. Alexandria has played two gray cards : 4 victory points.

  7. Guilds

    Each Guild is worth a number of victory points depending on the configuration of the player's city and/or that of the two neighboring cities.

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