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  • Game Board
  • 150 question cards (for 3,000 total clues).
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to show off your smarts by correctly identifying 10 well-known mystery topics through a series of clues.

Game Play

The youngest player selects a card and says "I am a _______" (Person, Place or Thing) as shown at the top of the card.

This player becomes that Person, Place or Thing for this round, and is known as the Reader.

The player on the Reader's left (the Guesser) selects either odd or even.

The Reader then reads clue #1 or #2, depending on whether the Guesser chose odd or even. The Guesser has 10 seconds to guess the Reader's identity.

If the Guesser is incorrect, the player to the Guesser's left becomes the next Guesser and selects either odd or even.

The Reader continues to reveal the next odd or even-numbered clue.

Once the identity of the Reader is correctly identified, the player to the Reader's right becomes the Reader for the next round.

Points are awarded only to the Guesser who guesses correctly.

Scoring Points

If the Guesser can guess the Reader's identity in:

  • 1 Clue = 19 Points
  • 2 Clues = 18 Points
  • 3 Clues = 17 Points

Note: Deduct one point for each additional clue read.

End of the Game

The first player to earn 75 points wins the game.

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