• 6 rafts
  • 30 wooden animals (3 of each)
  • 30 animal cards
  • 18 winning point chips
  • 4 "Yes" chips
  • 4 "No" chips
  • 1 hourglass


The animals are happy. Today, they are going on an exciting raft ride and everybody wants to join. But if the raft is too full, the animals will fall into the water. That's why the little sailor mouse must make sure that everyone finds his place. All aboard? Then let's go!

"Full speed ahead", the little mouse shouts.


1 Put the animals and stack of rafts on the table.

2 Place the winning point chips and hourglass within reach.

3 Shuffle the animal cards and place them face down on the table.

4 Each player receives one "Yes" and one "No" chip.

5 Place one raft within reach in the middle of the table.

6 Turn over 10 animal cards and arrange them around the raft. Place the matching animals on the animal cards.

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to guess correctly how many animals can be laid out on the raft.

Game Play

Yes or No?

Now each player must decide whether or not all animals can be laid out on the raft. If you think there will be enough room, place the green "Yes" chip face down in front of you. If you think that not all animals will fit, take the red "No" chip.

When all players have made their decision, all players turn over their chosen chip simultaneously.

  • Did everybody say "yes"?

    Then add a new animal card and its animal and proceed again from "YES or NO?".

  • Did everybody say "no"?

    Then replace one of the animal cards around the raft with a new card and animal and proceed again from "YES or NO?". Did everybody say "No" three times in a row? Then gather up all the animals and cards and start new from point 6 of the game setup.

There are players who said "yes" and players who said "no"?

Then the players who said "Yes" must prove it by turning over the hourglass and working together to fit all the animals onto the raft.

When the time is up, the players receive their points.

Important: The animals must be lying flat side by side on the raft! They cannot stand upright or be stacked.

If you made it in time, then the winning points go to the players who said "Yes".

If you didn't finish in time or there were too many animals to fit on the raft, then the points go to the players who said "No".


  • Round 1 = 1 point each
  • Round 2 = 2 points each
  • Round 3 = 3 points each
  • Round 4 = 4 points each
  • Round 5 = 5 points each
  • Round 6 = 6 points each

Next Round

Let's play another round! Take the raft out of the game and put the animals back with the others. Place the animal cards back onto the stack. Shuffle the cards and play a new round, starting with point 5 of the game setup.

End of the Game

The game ends after 6 rounds. The winner is the player or the players with the most winning points.

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