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The Flamingo

Their most memorable feature is their crooked beaks, used to filter food out of fresh water. This pink bird prefers to stand on only one leg to minimize heat loss.

The Camel

This inhabitant of the dry regions of Asia and North Africa has developed several features that make it easier to conserve water. It is said that a camel can drink 200 liters of water in only 15 minutes.

The Leopard

Along with tremendous climbing ability, the leopard boasts excellent hearing and especially good eyesight. They can hear very high tones that are beyond a person's hearing capacity and see five to six times better than us at night.

The Elephant

The state animal of multiple African countries and the largest land animal in the world. They can live up to 70 years and weigh the same as 75 grown men.

The Panda

This beloved loner from China lives primarily off bamboo. Unlike other bears, they cannot stand on their hind legs very well and therefore prefer to sit while eating.

The Chimpanzee

The best-known of the African great apes develops tremendous physical abilities over its life. They can be twice as strong as a trained athlete.

The Zebra

This African steppes inhabitant belongs to the horse family. The stripes apparently provide camouflage against predators and tse tse files, whose compound eyes apparently can't distinguish the pattern.

The Kangaroo

This Australian marsupial crosses bush and grassland with 12 meter long leaps at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. Surprisingly, however, it cannot move backwards.

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