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  • 22 Animal cards
  • 22 Trophy cards
  • 4 Zoo keeper pawns
  • 2 Car pawns
  • 1 Die
  • Game board
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The cages in the zoo have been left open during the night and the animals have run into each other's cages! Find the animals and help them back to their own cages. The player who helps the most animals back wins the game.


Shuffle the animal cards face down and distribute them so that each cage contains one animal card. Place the two car pawns on any of the two blue car spaces.

Each player selects a zoo keeper pawn and places it at the entrance to the zoo.

The youngest player starts and the players take turns clockwise.

Game Play

The players roll the die and move their zoo keeper pawns a corresponding number of spaces in any direction on the game board. When starting the game players are free to choose any of the five spaces at the entrance.

Players are allowed to pass other zoo keepers along the way, but two zoo keepers cannot occupy the same space.

If another zoo keeper is occupying a space where the current player is supposed to end or land, the player must stop one space before the occupied space.

When a player lands on a brown animal space outside a cage with an animal card, the player takes the animal card and places it face up in front of him/her so that everyone can see the animal. He/she must now find the correct cage for the animal and return the animal there.

(You can see which animal belongs in each cage by looking at the brown animal space in front of the cage). A player is allowed only one card at a time.

Therefore that animal must be returned to its cage before that player is allowed to take another animal card. An animal can be returned to the correct cage only when the player lands on the brown animal space outside the cage.

The animal card is then placed face up in the cage and the player receives a trophy for returning the animal. The trophy cards are saved, and once all animals have been returned to their cages, the player with the most trophies wins the game.

If an animal is returned to a cage that has another animal card face down, the cards are exchanged and in the next round the player continues with the new animal card.

If an animal is already in its correct or matching cage when the animal card is turned over, the card stays and the player receives a trophy right away. On the next turn, the player proceeds to another cage to find a new animal.

When a player stops on a blue car space where a car pawn is located, the player can continue with both the zoo keeper and the car on his/her next turn. With the car, the player can move double the number shown on the die until his/her animal is returned.

As soon as an animal is returned to the correct cage, the car piece is placed on a blue car space other than the one where it was previously.

End of the Game

The game continues until all animal cards are turned up and all animals are back in their own cages.

Once a player has returned his/her last animal, play is over for that player and the zoo keeper is returned to the zoo entrance.

The player who helps the most animals back to their own cages and gets the most trophies wins the game.

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