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Yesterday, you saw some strange creatures invading the cemetery close to your home. Unfortunately, no adults believed you! So you took matters into your own hands. You rounded up your best friends to fight those zombies!


  • 1 double-sided board
  • 4 player pawns (and pawn supports)
  • 8 zombie tokens
  • 4 lock tokens
  • 1 die
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

This is a cooperative game. All the players work together to stop the zombies from taking over the cemetery. To do this, you can either:

  1. place a lock on each of the 4 gates, or
  2. eliminate all zombies from the cemetery.


Place all zombies in a reserve next to the board.

Place the board on either the 2 player side (showing 4 diagonal paths) or the 3-4 player side.

Please note that the board is divided into 9 different zones: 5 tombs and 4 gates.

Each player chooses a player pawn and places it on the red tomb at the center of the board. Put the unused player pawns back in the box.

Place 1 zombie on each gate at the corners of the game board.

If you think the game is too easy, put 1 zombie back in the box and play with only 7 zombies in the reserve.

The player who is least afraid of zombies begins the round.

Game Play

Each player takes a turn in clockwise order. On your turn...

1. Place a new zombie in the cemetery.

Yes, it is mandatory!

Roll the die and place a zombie token on a tomb of the color indicated by the die. If you roll white, you are lucky. You don't have to add a zombie this turn!

There is no limit to the number of zombies on a particular tomb.

Warnlng: if you must place a zombie on the board and there are none left in the reserve - the game ends! All players lose!

If a pawn (yours or another players) is in a space with 3 or more zombies, you all lose the game!

If a tomb contains 3 or more zombies, you can no longer win by eliminating all the zombies. You must now lock all the gates (see below).

2. You may move (but you don't have to)

You may move 1 space along the paths. For example, in 3-4 player games, you cannot move diagonally.

You cannot enter a tomb that contains 3 or more zombies.

3. lf your pawn is on a space with 1 or 2 zombies

Then, eliminate all zombies located there. Place them back in the reserve.

If you eliminate the last zombie in the cemetery, you all win the game!

You don't have to move to eliminate zombies.

4. If your pawn and another player's are both on the same gate

Then you lock it by placing a lock token on it. If the 4 gates are locked, you all win the game!

Warning: You cannot move after you eliminate zombies or lock a gate. If you want to move, you must do that first.

Next Turn

The player to your left now begins a new turn.

End of the Game

You all win if...

  • all 4 gates are locked or
  • at any time during the game, there are no zombies in the cemetery.

You all lose if...

  • you must place a zombie in the cemetery and no zombies remain in the reserve or
  • if a player pawn is in the same space as 3 or more zombies.

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