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Game Components

  • Booklet with rules
  • 13 dice
  • A cup to hold the dice

Object of the Game

Try to reach as first player 13 brains.

Game Play

The first player is the one who won the last game, or the one who can say "Braaaaains!" with the most feeling.

On your turn, shake the cup, take three dice from it without looking, and roll them. Each one is a human victim. The red dice are the toughest. Green are easiest, and yellow are medium tough.

The dice have three symbols:


You ate your victim's brain. Set your Brain dice to your left.


He fought back! Set your Shotgun dice to your right.


Your victim escaped. Keep your Feet dice in front of you. If you choose to roll again, you will re-roll these dice, along with enough new ones to bring the total to three.

If you rolled three shotguns, your turn is over. Otherwise, you can choose to stop and score, or continue. If you decide to stop, score 1 for each Brain you have, and put all the dice back into the cup. It's the next player's turn.

If you choose to keep going, leave all your Feet on the table. Unless all three of your dice are Feet, take enough random new dice from the cup to total three, and roll again. Whenever you roll, you will roll three dice at a time.

After you take new dice, you can't decide to stop... you have to roll. Set aside Brains and Shotguns as above. If you are up to 3 Shotguns, your turn is over and you score nothing.

Otherwise, you can stop and score, or take another roll...


If you don't have three dice left in the cup, make a note of how many Brains you have and put them all in the cup (keep the Shotguns in front of you). Then continue.

End of the game

Play until someone reaches 13 Brains. Then finish the round. Whoever has the most Brains at the end of that round is the winner. If there's a tie, the leaders (only) play a tiebreaker round.

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