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Score points by meeting or exceeding the number of dots you predicted that you would roll on your turn. At the same time, bet on the number of dots opponents will roll on their turns and earn points if you're correct. The player with the highest score wins.


  • 4 identical Zoinx dice (combination of 2 dots and 4 squares on each die)
  • 4 different colored betting dice (featuring 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10)
  • 1 score pad
  • Rulebook


Each player takes one colored betting die. Place the Zoinx dice in the middle of the playing area. Designate one player as score keeper and write each player's name at the top of a column on the score pad.

Game Play

Whoever's name is closest to Z is the first active player and turns pass to the left. When you are the active player, take the four Zoinx dice and place them in front of you.

Before rolling, all players (including you) make a prediction and secretly turn their betting dice face up to the number of dots they think you will accumulate on your turn.

Note that you can never bet 0 as the active player, but all other players can if they wish. (See "Zoinx!") When all players are ready, everyone reveals their bets.

Then, roll all four Zoinx dice. If you roll no dots, you "Zoinx out" and your turn ends immediately. (See "Zoinx!") If you roll at least one dot, count the number of dots you rolled and announce it out loud.

If you rolled fewer dots than needed to at least meet your bet, you must roll all four dice again. Add that number of dots rolled to your previous total, and announce the new total out loud. (You will usually roll several times before ending your turn).

If the total number of dots rolled is at least as many as the number you bet, you then have a choice:

  • End your turn and score or.

  • Continue rolling all four dice to try for more dots. (You may continue as long as you get at least one dot per roll). This carries some risk (see "Zoinx!") but there's also a greater potential reward, since if you roll more dots than your bet, you score the total of the dots you roll PLUS the number of your bet!


Given that there are only two dots on each of the Zoinx dice, it's quite probable that you will roll all squares during your turn. This is called "Zoinxing out". If this happens, you score 0 for your turn, regardless of how many dots you previously rolled.

Before you roll, your opponents can bet that you will Zoinx out by turning their betting dice to the "0" side.

Any opponents who bet 0 score 5 points if that happens. Any opponents who bet a number that you reached before Zoinxing out score the number they bet.

Example: You bet 8 and totaled up 5 dots before you Zoinxed out on the next roll. You score 0. Noah bet 4 and scores 4, while Carol bet 6 and scores 0, and Nathan bet 0 and scores 5.


Active Player

  • If you rolled EXACTLY the number of dots you bet and chose to stop rolling, you score the number you bet.

    Example: You bet 4 and stopped rolling when you reached 4 dots. Your score is 4.

  • If you rolled more than the number of dots you bet, you score the number you bet PLUS a bonus of the total number of dots you rolled.

    Example: You bet 6 and rolled a total of 8 dots. Your score is 14.

    Remember - If you ever roll all squares, you Zoinx out and lose all your points for the turn, even if you passed the number of dots you bet you would roll.


  • If the active player rolled the number of dots you bet or higher, you score exactly the number you bet, even if the active player Zoinxed out.

    Example: You bet 6 and the active player rolled a total of 8 dots. Your score is 6.

  • If your bet was higher than the number of dots the active player rolled before stopping, you score 0. Example: You bet 8 and the active player stopped rolling at 6. Your score is 0.

  • If the active player Zoinxed out and you bet 0, you score 5.

End of the Game

Continue taking turns until one player reaches a running score total of at least 30 points AND has the lead in the game at the end of their turn. This starts the FINAL ROUND OF PLAY.

At this point, each opponent has one last turn to win the game. Note that all players continue to score during each of these final turns, just as in the normal rules.

The winner is the player with the high score at the end of the final round of play.

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