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  • 64 Cards
  • instructions

Object of the Game

Collect the most cards by singing songs about the images on them!


Shuffle cards and place deck in the center of the table or floor within reach of all players. Lay 6 cards out (2 rows of 3) image-side up.

Game Play

As soon as everyone is ready to play, the game can begin. Zippity Do! is an ALL-PLAY game so there's no taking turns!

Players look at the 6 cards before them and try to be the first to shout out a song featuring one of the images in the song lyrics. (See a star? Go ahead and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star").

Once everyone recognizes the card image in your song, you win that card!

Go ahead and collect the card and replace it with another one from the deck by putting that new card face-up in the open spot on the table.

End of the Game

Players continue singing songs and collecting cards until one player has earned 5 cards.

That player wins the game!

  • For a longer Zippity Do game, play until someone collects 10 cards.

  • For an even longer game, play through the entire deck and see who has the most after all cards have been played.

  • For extra silly play players are encouraged to make up their own songs

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