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Object of the Game

Get rid of all of your cards by making Zangles before the center draw pile runs out.


Shuffle all of the cards together. Deal a pile of 10 cards to create the center draw pile. Place them in the middle of the table.

Take 3 cards from the top of the center draw pile and lay them in a row face-up beside the pile. Below that, deal out 5 piles, these become your cards: (see image)

  1. Place 1 card face-up and lay 4 cards facedown next to it.

  2. Put 1 card faceup (but lowered slightly) on top of the first facedown card, then put a facedown card on top of the next 3 cards.

  3. Continue doing this until each pile has one face-up card on top.

  4. Take the rest of the cards and set them aside. They will not be used.

Game Play

  1. Use faceup cards to make Zangles.

  2. When you use center cards, replace them with cards from the center draw pile.

  3. hen you use one of your faceup cards, flip over the next one in the pile underneath if there is one.

    When you have an empty spot, fill it card from another one of your piles.

  4. If you can't make a Zangle, then discard the 3 center cards and draw 3 more.

  5. If you are able to use all of your cards before the center draw pile is gone, then you win! Too easy? Increase the challenge by adding another column!

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