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  • 56 Game Cards
  • 4 Chant Cards
  • Click Case
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Take a risk, or play it safe, but be the first player to get rid of all your cards and... Yowza... you win.


Place the Chant Cards so each player can see one. These will help everyone remember the order of the chant.

Shuffle the cards and deal them, face down, equally to all players. Place any odd/leftover Cards face up in the center of the play area (the discard pile).

While playing, you'll be chanting "Zap Zoom Boom Bam Wham Yowza" so you may want to practice it and familiarize yourself with that sequence...have fun with it!

Game Play

  • The player who dealt the Cards is the first to discard. Take the top Card from your facedown pile, flip it over and place it in the discard pile while saying "Zap!" (or, all players can chant it together).

  • If the card you discarded /S NOT a "Zap" Card, then the player to your right now discards a Card while saying "Zoom". If that Card IS NOT a "Zoom" Card, then the next player to the right discards while saying "Boom", and so on.

  • As long as the card discarded does not match the word chanted (chant the six words in sequence, and use the chant cards to help remind you), play keeps moving counterclockwise.

  • If the card discarded matches the word chanted, that player must collect all of the cards from the discard pile and add them to their facedown pile!

  • If the card discarded is a zap zoom boom bam wham yowza card (wild card), that player can continue to discard as many times as they want on that turn.

    The chanting must continue with each card discarded, so you risk matching a chant with a card and having to take the discard pile, so be careful.

    But if you take the risk, you may get closer to getting rid of your cards!

  • At any time during the game, if the group loses track of where the chant left off, just start again with "Zap!"

End of the Game

The first player to discard all of their cards is the winner... Yowza!

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