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  • 4 game board triangles
  • 20 Yiker pieces (magnets)
  • Storage pouch
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Players take turns placing one of their Yikerz pieces on the game board. The first player to get rid of all their Yikerz wins.


Arrange the four game board triangles into a desired layout.

One player shuffles and divides the Yikerz into separate, even stacks for each player. Any leftover Yikerz are placed back in the pouch.

The player to the left of the shuffler chooses their stack. Moving clockwise, each other player chooses their stack.

The player who shuffles the Yikerz is the first to place their piece on the board in that round.

The losing player of each subsequent round selects the next board layout. This player also shuffles the pieces, divides the pieces into stacks and is first to place a Yiker on the board.

Game Board Configurations

The four-piece game board can be arranged to suit a variety of player skill levels. Try different arrangements-any layout is legal as long as each board piece is touching another piece by its side or corners.

  • Novice

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Game Play

A player selects one of the Yikerz from their stack and places it onto the board with one hand.

Rules For Placement:

  • A player may not physically touch any of the pieces that are already on the board However, a player may use the magnetic field of their Yiker to push or pull pieces already on the board.

  • A Yiker may protrude over the edge of the board as long as it doesn't fall off the board and touch the table.

  • As soon as a player removes their hand from their Yiker, they may not touch that piece again.

If any pieces on the board collapse together during a player's turn, that player must remove all of the collapsed pieces from the board and add them to their stack.

If one or more magnets are forced off the board during a turn, those magnets and the magnet being played are added back to the player's stack. If additional pieces collapse or other magnets are forced off the board while a player is removing the original Yiker, they must also be removed and added to the stack.

A player's turn ends 10 seconds after a player places their piece or removes any collapsed Yikerz OR when the next player has moved their Yiker toward the board to make their move.

When a player is down to their last piece, they must say "Last Yiker" or "Last Piece" out loud to the other players. If the player fails do so before the next player begins their turn, the player must take two pieces off the board and add them to their stack.

(If this action causes a collapse, the player must take the collapsed Yikerz as well!)

End of the Game

When 10 seconds have elapsed without a collapse after a player has placed their last Yiker on the board, the round is over and that player wins the round.

  1. Play the best of 3,5, or 7 rounds to determine the winner. OR

  2. Keep score. At the end of each round, count the number of pieces each player has left in their stacks. Each piece is worth one point. Keep a running total on a pad of paper. As soon as one player's total reaches 25, the player with the fewest points wins the game.

If the game ends with a tie between two or more players, the tied players take part in a sudden death round. In sudden death, players are eliminated as soon as they cause a collapse. The last player left wins the game.


Try to place your Yikerz in positions to create open spots for you to use later on. At the same, try to set up traps for your opponents to fall into.

It is legal - and often necessary - to use a Yiker's magnetic force to topple or move pieces already on the board. A player may take all the time they need to manipulate the magnets on the board to suit their playing strategy.

As the board begins to fill up, it will become necessary to move Yikerz to make room to place new pieces.

Players are encouraged to place pieces upright where possible. This makes the playing field more challenging and dangerous for opponents. However, beware: traps set for an opponent can quickly backfire.

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