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Let the five dice fly to achieve the best scoring combination and win the corresponding chip. There are only 4 chips of each kind. Try to get the best chips before they run out.

Be sure to check out the various bonuses available to get extra points! Strategic choices and lucky dice will roll you to a win!


  • 1 Dice Tray
  • 5 Dice
  • 28 Chips
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Have the highest score at the end of the game.


Place the 28 chips in their corresponding spaces, four chips per slot. Players throw one die to determine who begins the game (highest roll starts).

Once the first player is determined, play goes clockwise.

Game Play

  • Roll the five dice up to three times to achieve one of the eight following combinations.

  • After the first and second toss, choose the dice you wish to keep and roll the remaining dice again.

  • Stop rolling the dice at any time if you achieve a satisfactory combination.

Yamslam Combinations

2 Pairs / 5 points

Two pairs of dice showing the same face.

3-of-a-Kind / 10 points

Three dice showing the same face.

Small Straight / 20 points

Four dice following each other.

Flush / 25 points

All the dice have the same color.

Full House / 30 points

Three-of-a-kind and a pair.

4-of-a-Kind / 40 points

Four dice showing the same face.

Large Straight / 50 points

Five dice following each other.


Choose the chip you want and play again.

All five dice showing the same face.

Collecting Chips

There are only 4 chips of each kind. Grab the best ones before they run out!

  • If any of your three rolls wins a chip, you may choose to end your turn immediately and collect. If a roll satisfies more than one combination, grab the chip of your choice.

  • If you roll a Yamslam (five dice showing the same face), take one chip of your choice and play again.

  • If your dice do not match an available chip, do not collect.

  • If during one round no player collects a chip, discard one chip of the highest value from the rack.

Only a Yamslam roll can be used to collect a chip from the discard pile.

Important: Players have to line up their chips in numerical order in front of them.

End of the Game

The game ends when the last chip is taken from the rack.

Point Bonus:

  • Golden 7 / 50 Points:

    Collect one of each chip and get a 50-point bonus.

  • Silver 6 / 20 Points:

    Collect 6 different chips and get a 20-point bonus. (Cannot be combined with Golden 7)

  • Full Stack / 30 Points Each:

    Collect a complete stack of 4 chips and get a 30-point bonus.

  • Last Draw / 20 Points:

    Take the last chip remaining on the rack and get a 20-point bonus.

Then total the points of your chips. Add any achieved bonus to your chip total.

The player with the highest total wins the game.


Multiple Games:

Grab a pen. Total the score of each player at the end of each game. Set a number of games you would like to play beforehand, the player with the highest score wins!

Yamslam Solo:
  1. Each time you cannot collect a chip, discard one chip of the highest value from the rack.

  2. Each time you throw a Yamslam, take any two chips from the rack or the discard pile.

  3. All usual bonuses apply; the best possible score is 1000 points so good luck!

Yamslam Team-play for 4 Players:

In a four-player game, it is always fun to play in teams of two. One player of each team collects the chips for the team. Players from each team alternate play.

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