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To appease Atlacoya, the goddess of drought, the oracle demands his shamans to give an account of their powers even before completing the oracle's challenges. The shamans will find disfavor only if they do not complete the number of challenges that they attested to.


For this game, turn over the game board onto its reverse side.

In his own color, each player receives:

  • 3 tiles of disfavor
  • 6 number tiles (2 - 7)
  • 1 shaman stone (to be placed on field 15 of the score track) Each player also receives 8 oracle stones.

Game Play

Estimate how many of the 7 challenges you think you'll be able to complete. Challenges must always be completed one after the other, e.g. the first 3, the first 4, etc. In secret, each player selects one of his number tiles.

If you think you'll be able to solve the first 4 challenges, for example, select the number tile 4. You have to complete at least 2 challenges, or else you will invoke the wrath of the oracle (for this reason, 2 is the lowest number you can select).

Players turn over their number tiles simultaneously, and then place them in the corresponding points box.

Play then continues as described above for the basic game. Also, place intermediate cards on the light-colored bird fields, so that there are always 7 challenges.

The game can now begin as described in "Game Play".

Checking Player Boards and Receiving Points

Begin with the first challenge and see who was able to complete it. Check each player's board for each challenge.

You only have to complete as many challenges as you indicated in advance (also the same number as indicated by your number tile). Challenges to the right of your number tile have no importance or bearing on your points. If you complete them anyhow, you don't receive any additional points for them!

If you've made a mistake, you have two options:

  1. You can place one of your tiles of disfavor on the corresponding points box, OR

  2. You accept the disfavor points in red next to the number tile and remove your number tile. The moment you remove your number tile, you can't collect any more points in this round.

Once you've checked all challenges, players with number tiles still remaining on points boxes have two options:

  1. You receive positive points which are indicated in green next to your number tile. Remove all of your colored tiles of disfavor that you placed in points boxes from the game. These will no longer be at your disposal for the rest of the game.

  2. You receive negative points which are indicated in red next to your number tile and you get back all your tiles of disfavor that you laid in this round.

Once all players have received their points, take back your number tiles and discard the used cards onto a discard pile. Now gather your oracle stones from your player boards and move the day tile one field further to the right. Continue to play as described above.

End of the Game

The game is over after 7 days (rounds). The player who was able to gain the most favor of Atlacoya, the goddess of drought, by collecting the most points wins.

In the event of a tie, these players count their remaining tiles of disfavor, and the one with the most remaining tiles wins.

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