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Welcome to Word Wave, the pulse-pounding word game that challenges you to create words as fast as the Word Wave can launch letters.

Grab letter tiles to make words, or steal other players' words by adding letters to them. You'll have to think fast, spell faster, and then get ready to catch the next wave of words!


  • Word Wave Electronic Game Unit
  • 80 Letter Tiles
  • Instruction Sheet

Object of the Game

Score the most points by making words with the waves of letter tiles that pour out of the Word Wave.

Video Tutorial

Game Play

1. Select your Game Mode

Slide the Game Mode switch to the desired setting. After five seconds, letter tiles will begin to slide out of the Word Wave onto the table.


The Word Wave has three different settings:

  • Ripple - Slow Game, Best for 2 players

  • Wave - Medium Game, Best for 3 - 4 Players

  • Tidal Wave - Fast Game, Best for 5 - 6 Players

2. Spot and Grab Words

There are no turns in Word Wave! Everyone plays at the same time, so you'll have to be quick to spot and grab words as you see them.

As the letters pour out, keep your eyes peeled. If you see a word, shout it out then grab the tiles that spell it.

So if you see C-A-T, you would shout "Cat!" and place the three letter tiles in front of you, spelling the word.

Rules for Making Words:

  • All words must have 3 or more letters.
  • You must place the word in front of you for all to see, spelled correctly.
  • No names.
  • No slang (unless you all agree in advance).
  • You can add letters to your own words.
  • If two players spot a word at the same time, the longest word wins.

3. Stealing Words

At any time, you can steal words from other players by adding letters to their words. So you could steal another player's CAT by adding an "H" to make it CHAT. Another player could steal your CHAT by adding an "S", a "C" and an "R" to make it SCRATCH..

Rules for Stealing Words:

  • Players can steal a word at any time during play.

  • Add as many letters as you like, but you must use all the letters of the word you're swiping.

  • You must change the meaning of the word (you can't just add an "s").

  • Words must be lengthened and not just rearranged. You can join complete words together to make a new word. The words can belong to different players.

Playing in Rounds

A single game of Word Wave will take less than ten minutes. If you'd like to play a more competitive game, we recommend that you play multiple rounds.

Write down player's scores at the end of each round. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.

End of the Game

Play on until the last wave of letters has washed out of the Word Wave. After the last letter is launched, the Word Wave will run for another 60 seconds, then turn itself off.

Keep using the letters on the table and your opponents' words to make new words. When the Word Wave turns itself off, the game is over and it's time to start scoring!

You score points for every word that you have created, as shown below:

  • The first 3 letters of a word score 1 point
  • Every letter after the first three score 1 point each.

The player with the highest total score wins.

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