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  • 10 Word Shout Dice
  • Reusable Plastic Click Case
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach 50 points by shouting out (and taking) words formed by the letter dice.


Pick one player to be the scorekeeper. You'll need a piece of paper and a pencil. Write each player's name in a column along the top of the paper.

The youngest player will be the first to roll the dice and then players take turns rolling, play passing to the left.

Game Play

  • Make sure all players are ready before the dice are rolled because everyone plays at the same time and speed matters!

  • Roll the dice onto the table. Play begins immediately as everyone looks at the dice and tries to form words from the letters. Words must be 3 letters or more. See below for more word-forming guidelines.

  • Players may not touch or rearrange the dice while looking-the dice remain where they landed from the roll. When you find a word, shout it out and then take the dice! Keep your dice in front of you.

  • Everyone continues searching for words until all dice have been taken or no more words can be formed from the remaining dice.

  • Count how many dice you have collected, and that is your score for that round. The scorekeeper records everyone's score, and adds scores after each round.

  • The player to the left of the first roller starts another round by rolling again, and play continues.

  • If multiple players shout out a word at the same time (either the same word or different words), the round immediately ends and no more words can be formed. Any words formed before this may be added to a player's score. Now start a new round and scoring is doubled!

Acceptable Words

Word must be 3 letters or more. Any word that can be found in a standard English dictionary is allowable.

Types of words that are not allowed are abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes. Proper nouns (words spelled with a capital) are not allowed. Any word requiring an apostrophe or hyphen is not allowed.

Foreign words are allowed only if they are found in the dictionary, meaning they are used regularly in the English language.


At the end of a round, if a player has made a word that another player thinks is not a word, then it can be challenged and looked up in a dictionary. If it turns out that

the word is valid, the player who made the word gets to score it and the challenging player must subtract the same amount of points from their score.

If the word turns out not to be valid, the challenger gets to add the points to their score and the player who made the invalid word must subtract those points from their score.

End of the Game

Once a player reaches 50 points, the game is over and that player is the winner!

In the canse of a tie: There are no ties, so play extra rounds until there is a definite winner at the end of a round.

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