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  • 258 cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

  • Main objective: guess the words, earn points, win games, excellent
  • Secondary objective: expand your pitiful vocabulary

Game Play

  • Split your group into 2 even teams. If there's an odd number of people, summon a friend that didn't quite make the invite list. If this person rejects you (karma), then one person on the smaller team will go twice.

  • Find a timer (or use your phone); set it to 60 seconds.

  • Identify the person who last shaved any part of their body - this person will be the first Cluegiver.

  • Start the timer.

During each round:

  • Cluegiver: Draw a card, explain the keyword to your team without using the keyword or the forbidden words (see Laws of Cluegiving).
  • Cluegiver's team: Shout out your guesses!
  • Other team: Shut your pieholes.

The Laws of Cluegiving

Refrain from acting... but sometimes the urge to flash the shocker issimply too irresistible.

No rhyming or saying "it sounds like..".

No abbreviations. For example, if the keyword is "sexually transmitted disease", the Cluegiver cannot say "STD".

The Cluegiver cannot use any form or tense of the keyword or forbidden words.

Examples: When trying to get a team to say "erectile dysfunction", a Cluegiver cannot say "erection". They both share the same root word - "erect".

Also forbidden are "erected", "erecting", "erector", and of course, "erect". Also also forbidden are "function", "functional", "functioning", etc.

When trying to get a team to say "blow", a Cluegiver cannot say "blew" or "blown". Those are past tenses of "blow". Capiche? Casploosh.


  • +1 Point: The team guesses the keyword correctly.

  • -1 Point: |the Cluegiver says the keyword the Cluegiver says a forbidden word the Cluegiver passes on a card.

Pro Tips and Breaking a tie

  • At least one player from the opposite team should be looking over the Cluegiver's shoulder to ensure the Cluegiver does not say a forbidden word. Get as close as you need, then get closer.

  • If there is a tie choose one Cluegiver from each team to go again for a sudden death round.

  • If there is still a tie make out with the person to your right. But actually, choose a different Cluegiver from each team for another sudden death round.

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