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  • 9 custom wonky blocks
  • 54 strategy cards
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to play all of your cards as you successfully add blocks to the tower.


  • Place the set of 9 WONKY blocks within easy reach of all players. There are three small, medium and large blocks - each in three different colors.

  • Shuffle the 54-card deck, and deal 7 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in a face-down stack to form a draw deck.

    Note: If you are playing with a group larger than six, deal out fewer cards to each player, as long as there are some left to form a draw deck.

  • The tallest player goes first, and play proceeds clockwise.

Game Play

Each turn consists of two steps:

  1. play a card, and, if required,
  2. add a block to the tower.

1. Play a Card

On your turn, choose a card from your hand to play, placing it in a discard pile (next to the draw deck).

If you play a block stacking card, you must then add a matching block to the top of the tower. If a tower does not yet exist, simply place the block in the center of the play area to start a new tower. You can only play a particular card if there is a matching block available to be added to the tower.

Examples of Block Stacking Cards:

If you have no playable cards, you must draw from the deck until you find a playable card, which you may play immediately.

Action Card

If you play an action card, you get to take a special action without adding a block to the tower.

  • Pass - skips your turn.

  • Reverse - changes the direction of an l ay. If play was proceeding clockwise, it now proceeds counterclockwise to the next player, and vice versa.

Combo Card

If you play a combo card, first you must add a block to the top of the tower. If you are successful, then the special action takes place:

  • Draw - the next player must draw a card from the deck and add it to their hand.

  • Reverse - the direction of play reverses (as above).

2. Add to the Tower

If you played a block stacking or combo card, you must add a block to the tower. Choose a block (not one already part of the tower) matching the card you played.

You may only use one hand to place the block, and it must be placed at the top of the tower, building up. You may not nudge any of the existing blocks on the tower.

After you add a block, you must count to three. If the tower remains standing, you are successful, and it is immediately the next player's turn.

If, at any point during your turn, any of the blocks on the tower fall, including before and during adding a block to the tower (and the subsequent three-count), you must immediately draw three more cards from the deck.

You then play another card and start a new tower before ending your turn. If the deck ever runs out of cards, shuffle the played cards to form a new draw deck.

End of the Game

To win the game, you must be the first player to have no cards in hand at the end of your turn. You cannot play an action card as your last card, meaning you must successfully add a block to the tower to win.

Alternatively, if you can successfully add the ninth block to the tower, you win immediately regardless of how many cards you have left!

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