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  • Game Board
  • 200 questions about popular culture, geography, arts, history, science and more...
  • Playing pieces
  • Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Wit's end is a mind game where players progress around and up a multi-level gameboard by correctly answering questions from four unique card categories.

The gameboard is separated into different colored levels (blue, green, red and purple), with blue being the bottom level. The levels are linked by a series of arrows which allow players to advance on the board.

The first player to reach the center of the game board (Wit's end logo) and correctly answer a question is the winner of the game.


Each player chooses a playing pawn and places it on any corner square on the bottom (blue) level (players may start from the same square). The die is rolled to see who goes first (highest roll).

The Card Categories

The four card categories in the game provide several different challenges.

In the Teaser category your goal is to solve the rhyming riddle that appears in quotes.

In the Odd1Out category a clue or question is given and you must decide which one of the four choices does not belong.

In the Sequence category you are asked to arrange the given options in a particular order (e.g., longest to shortest, oldest to youngest, most to least, etc - you do not need to provide the actual numbers or figures).

In the Wild Card category you never know what type of question you will get - your task might be to solve a famous quotation, answer some brain trivia, true or false, and much more (just follow the instructions listed in the question).

Game Play

If you are the first player, roll the die and move your playing pawn in either direction (left or right) according to the number rolled.

Then draw a card and answer the question from the appropriate category (i.e., land on a Teaser square and answer a question from the Teaser category). Dice squares mean roll again.

If the question is answered correctly, roll again to continue - you may change directions (left or right) after each roll along your curren t level (see below for moving up a level). Your turn continues until you get a question wrong, at which point play passes to the next person.

In order to move up a level, you must first land on a square which is directly beneath one of the arrows. If you answer the question correctly, you slide your piece up to the next level and then roll again to continue along your new level (if the question is answered incorrectly, stay where you are - your turn is over).

When you reach the top level square (with the Wit's end logo), draw a card - no roll is required. Before looking at the card, select from which one of the four categories you will answer a question.

If you answer correctly, you win the game. If you answer incorrectly, slide your playing pawn back down to the purple level - your turn is over.

Bonus! / Sorry! Features

Here's an interesting twist to the play: after guessing at a question, you might find a BONUS! or SORRY! feature attached to the answer side of the card.

These add an element of luck to the game (i.e., they do not reflect the perceived difficulty of a question). You may end up promoting/demoting yourself or another opponent! Just follow the instructions on the cards.

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